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Gear and Equipment for season 5

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28 February 2021

For this Season I am mixing gear from previous trips with some new gear. As I don't have a specific route in mind for Season 5, I will update my blog throughout the season when I change any of my gear or setup!

Motorcycle clothes

I am wearing the same helmet as in the previous season: the Arai Diamond White Tour X-4, with a Sena 3S headset incorporated in it so I can hear the directions and listen to Spotify while riding! I brought the adventure outfit that REV’IT! sorted me out with several months ago, which is the Horizon Ladies Jacket and pants. I also decided to bring the high boots that I got for motocross and enduro, the Expedition H2O boots. For gloves, I brought the set that I also had with me in South America, during season 2, the Sand 3 Ladies. These gloves are super comfortable and great when you ride in hot climates!

When I arrived in Springbok, just before I entered Namibia, I received a parcel from REV'IT !. In it, were the Sand 4 ladies jacket and pants with matching gloves . Perfect riding gear now that I have to deal with different types of weather! The brightblue waterproof liner of my Sand 4 ladies jacket proofs to be handy as an inbetween jacket when not riding. 

Luggage system and navigation

Upon arrival in South Africa, I bought myself a second-hand Honda CRF250L from 2013. A dual-purpose bike that is light and easy to handle on African dirt roads! I brought my Mosko Moto bags that I had on Dhanno in season 2 with me, and they fitted easily on the Honda too.

The combination of bags that I am using is the Mosko Moto Reckless 80 with a Scout 30L for some extra storage space. I also attached two extra Molle 2L pouches and one Molle 4L pouch to my Reckless 80. I like the Hood Tank bag that I used on Ronin so much, that I brought it also. This tank bag doesn't have a hydration pack integrated, but I was very lucky that Fire it Up motorcycles, where I bought my Honda CRF250L, sponsored me with a 3L Hydration Pack from CamelBak.

The handlebar got fitted with Acerbis Handguards, and I mounted my new Garmin XT navigation system on it. This navigation system is a massive upgrade from the one I had previously, the Garmin Zumo 396 and it got sponsored to me by MrGPS - thank you so much!

I also bought the GIVI S111 Powerhub kit and brought it with me. With this kit, I have three USB connections safely protected against water and dust inside my tank bag, and I can use these to charge my phone or camera batteries while riding.

Filming equipment

Every season I check and upgrade my equipment in order to keep on improving my video quality. For this season I used most of my equipment of last season and added some new items to the list. If you would like to create videos of your own motorcycle adventure, then don't forget to check out my online courses about Motorcycle Vlogging. You can find more information here

Action camera's
I am using a GoPro Hero 9 for most of the filming on the road. To be able to connect this camera to an external microphone, I use the GoPro Mediamod.

In season 3, I started using the GoPro Max, a 360-degrees camera. Using a camera like this opens up an entirely new array of filming possibilities which I am still exploring. I can mount this camera on my handlebar, just like a normal GoPro.

Mounting GoPro's
For the majority of the time, I use two different cameras simultaneously. One on my handlebar and one on my helmet. The construction on my handlebar consists of three different parts. Firstly, I use a handlebar RAM mount, so I can attach a RAM Composite Double Socket Swivel & Ratchet Arm on top. Finally, a RAM Go Pro adapter mount is attached to that so you can easily mount your GoPro on it. Like in the previous seasons, I use a ProShot helmet mount to mount my GoPro on my helmet.

Vlogging Setup
When I walk around places, I use my regular vlogging setup: the GoPro Hero 9 , with mediamod and an external microphone.

Just like in Seasons 2 , 3 and 4, I use the DJI Mavic Air to film my aerial footage. This drone is small enough to fit in my motorcycle’s tank bag.

Safety equipment

For staying safe on the road, I brought my satellite phone with me again and some handy tools in case of a flat tire. 

Satellite phone
I travel with a Thuraya XT-LITE satellite phone which I topped up with 50 dollars worth of credit. This allows me to ring any number, local or foreign, whenever I need help. It’s an expensive device but for me, it’s worth the investment. I hope that I’ll never have to use it, but I’m glad to have it with me.

This satellite phone does not have coverage in every single country in the world though, so it’s wise to always check upfront if it works in the country you’re traveling in!

Tire tools
Now that I am riding a motorcycle with tubed tires again, I need to be prepared to fix a puncture! I bought a lightweight aluminum tire lever set because of its compact size and small weight.

Another handy tool I bought there is the Wheel Wedge. When you re-install a rear tire by yourself, you are basically just one hand short. I use this tool to lift up the tire just enough so I have one free hand to place the axle back in place. The tool itself is small and light, and it’s just a matter of attaching the tire levers to it.

Ready to hit the road!

That’s it. My most valued equipment for riding around the world on a motorcycle: Africa edition. For stories about my travels with Savannah, click here


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Hello Noraly,
Apologies for writing about a post from last year but I just started reading your blog. It is very exciting to read your blog and I learn a lot of things. As I have been riding motorcycles almost exclusively on the road since the end of the 1970s, I usually use Michelin paper maps for my trips to Europe. I really like very small roads. The adventure begins when I take the wrong road or change the route initially planned. The unexpected is often around a bend.
Many Thanks

FlaTwin  | 

Hi Noraly, I came across your channel by accident and watched a few and was then hooked! I watched every season over a few months and really am looking forward to the next season. I'm not a rider but get close watching your episodes, it does make me want to learn but getting on a bit and would want to do what you do. One question what video editing software do you use? You did say in one of your live streams but I can't remember which one. Thanks Andy

Andy_MW  | 

Dearest Noraly, I have followed your entire journey, from Season One to the present, more than once, and have learned the following: (1) Episode N0: 79 of Season One is definitely the most harrowing, (2) Your constant positivity and good cheer in all situations shines through and is an inspiration to all your followers and keeps us coming back, and (3) people all over the world are really all the same, no matter where they live and what language they speak, and a smile and show of respect is universal currency that never fails. Love you long time!

Breitie  | 

Hey Noraly, I came across your vlog and blog by accident but found them both to be one of the most immersing contents on the Internet. It is obviously very inspiring to plan my own travels and was wondering if you could share some of the key cost components for your African adventures. This can be a either a total cost per leg of your journey or an average cost per day but something that would at least form a realistic reference points to planning similar endavours for the crowd inspired by you. Perhaps you can also consider an entry (vlog) around how to plan for such trips- considering your global experience to date I am sure that there is great deal of advice all of your audience could benefit from. Perhaps this can even be idea for an additonal (paid) training material to support you further? All the best and keep on rocking- you are a true Traveller of the 21st century serving as an inspiration to many!

AdvMan  | 

Hello, Noraly, I just wanted to thank you for all the videos. It brings my wife and I together to watch three times a week. She is not a motorcycle person but has admired your videos. I ride a bike with a 34.5 seat height and only have a 30" inseem. I stumbled accross a Brett Tac's video for shorter riders on adventure bikes. I have learned alot from his videos . I thought you might too. My wife and I were discussing how you would go in cognito in the US if you did visit. That will be a tough ask.... Good luck and save travels. We'll see you in season six. (PS love the Highside low side interview). Maybe revzilla should sponsor you in the USA;-)

shot_gun  | 

hello Noraly,
season 5 and the rally was awesome ! cant wait for season 6. my friends and i are taking bets on what bike you will get next and where you will go!

garyt  | 

Hi Noraly, Just finished watching your podcast with RevZilla (Highside/Lowside) and what a pleasure it was to watch and "see" you again, any news on the next adventure and the new bike? Cant wait for it to begin on YouTube. Loved the last trip in South Africa when you did the Kalahari Rally it was like riding it with you. Keep safe on the road and God Bless. Ps, will you ever go back to finish the Patagonia to Alaska Adventure?


Wills  | 

Hi Noraly,
It was a lot of fun listening to you in RevZilla's latest video, "A Life on Two Wheels with Itchy Boots / HSLS S 4E12".
In this video, I was very honored to be Japanese when you said that the country you really want to visit is Japan.
But at the same time, I could easily imagine that there were some uncertainties. The reason is that there are no
offroads to enjoy.

Japan is certainly a country with a completely different society and culture from Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, and North & South America although it is a country where you can live in a very safe and secure manner,

The question of Yes remains when asked if you can experience the adventure about culture, food, and customs, it's definitely Yes but, don't expect adventures like you have already done with many countries.
In Japan, as in the Netherlands, roads are becoming more paved, and probably 99.9% are paved roads.
Of the remaining 0.1% of unpaved roads, perhaps 80% of them are forest roads, most of which are now closed to the public by locked, sturdy gates.

Even so, I would be very happy if you could come to Japan and enjoy the various cultures and foods of Japan and the hot springs are everywhere.

soomstar  | 

Thank you for your comment, Soomstar and your explanation about Japan's unique riding experience :-). I still want to go, no worries!!

Noraly  | 

Ciao Norally
In alcuni video ho visto che indossi una maglia della Rev'it di colore azzurro brillante con le cuciture scure. Che modello ? Sul sito Rev'it non la trovo.


Hi Maurizio, it is the lining jacket of my Rev'it jacket so not a separate item from their store. That is why you cannot find it :-).

Noraly  | 

Hello. It might be useful to do 2 other FAQ.
What happened to Ronin?
What happened to Savannah?


Hi Toto, I have updated the Meet my Motorcycles-page. You can find that info here: Best Noraly

Noraly  | 

Still itchy?

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