About Noraly

I’m a 32-year old, Dutch, solo-female traveler - currently on a mission to travel the world by motorbike!

How did it all start?

At age 23, I finished my MSc. degree in Geochemistry. I left for Australia to collect geochemical samples for the PhD research which was going to kick off as soon as I would return. It all turned out differently. Not wanting to go back to Holland, I ended up working in gold mining - became rich and backpacked solo around the world for 2 years. 

Completely broke and homeless I returned to Holland to find a job again. The following 5 years I worked for an international contractor and did the craziest projects from the Bahama's and Brazil, all the way to Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Morocco and many places in between. But working in all these different countries was never the same as being a full-time traveler. So I made a decision: I quit my job, sold my stuff and hit the road again! 

Becoming a motorcycle traveler

In 2015 I got my motorbike license and bought my very first motorbike: a second-hand Ducati Monster 796. From the first day on this motorbike, I was hooked. There is just nothing in this world as thrilling as riding a motorbike! But traveling the world permanently, meant I had to sell my Ducati (sad times…).

After renting a Royal Enfield Himalayan in India and riding it for 3,000 kilometers through the Himalayan mountains, I had found a new motorcycle love! I decided to buy a brand-new Royal Enfield Himalayan. With this motorcycle which I named “Basanti”, I rode 36.000 kilometers from India to Malaysia and via the Middle East and Iran, through the ‘Stans’, Russia, the Caucasus and via Turkey back to The Netherlands.

What’s next?

Unfortunately for my beloved Basanti, the journey ended in The Netherlands because of paperwork issues. So now the adventure continues with black beauty Dhanno - a new 2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan. Together we are going to conquer the Americas. Starting in Argentina and making our way up all the way to Alaska.

The adventure has only just begun…

Basanti and me exploring the buddhist temple ruins of bagan, myanmar.