After 10.000km through Africa, I have written a bike review about my Honda CRF250L. You can read it here...

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Rental: Indian Himalayan Mountains

When I had the chance to rent a Royal Enfield Himalayan BS3 to explore the most northern parts of India, my decision was quickly made. I traveled 3.000 kilometers alone through the Indian Himalayan mountains.

In a mere three weeks, I made my way through Ladakh, Kashmir, Jammu, and Himachal Pradesh. I rode over several famous high mountain passes such as the Rohtang Pass and the Khardung La.

At that time, I didn't have a YouTube channel, but I did write several articles about my first motorcycle journey.  


Basanti: From Asia to Europe

After that fantastic first motorcycle journey, I bought my own Royal Enfield Himalayan in Delhi. I named my bike Basanti in reference to the heroine from the famous Indian movie 'Sholay'. 

My plan was to travel to Malaysia, but when I arrived there, I didn't want to stop! So, I shipped Basanti to Oman and rode with her via Central Asia, Russia, the Caucasus, and the Balkans to my home country The Netherlands.

You can watch every step of that 36.000 kilometers journey as Season 1 on my Youtube-channel. At the beginning of my journey, I also wrote quite a few articles. You can binge-read them here. 


Dhanno: Patagonia to Peru

With my second Royal Enfield Himalayan Dhanno, a name also derived from the Indian movie Sholay, I started my next motorcycle adventure. My dream was to ride from Patagonia to Alaska. 

Dhanno and I had an amazing time in South America. Besides capturing our journey from day-to-day, I also wrote several blogs with tips and suggestions about riding in Argentina. Unfortunately, our journey together ended in Lima, Peru, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can (re)watch our journey as Season 2 on my Youtube-channel. For a binge-read about this adventure and how I prepared Dhanno for it, read Travels with Dhanno


Ronin: Europe

After my unexpected return to The Netherlands, it didn’t take long before my boots became itchy again. 

The Covid-19 pandemic did not go away quickly in South-America, so I bought a second-hand Honda CB500x to tour around Europe with. I named her Ronin which is Japanese for a wanderer or a samurai without a master.

With Ronin, I recorded two seasons Season 3: Adventures with Ronin and Season 4: Investigating the Dutch Motorcycle scene. More details about the gear and equipment I used and some of the most memorable experiences of those two seasons, you can read in my blog mini-series Travels with Ronin


Savannah: Africa

At a certain point, I realized I could no longer stay in The Netherlands and wait for Covid-19 to disappear. I had to get back on the road and get back to filming my journeys again.

The first destination was South Africa. There, in Johannesburg, I bought a Honda CRF250L and named her Savannah.

With Savannah, I started filming Season 5, Destination Unknown. We explored all corners of South Africa and made our way to Namibia. Where I will go after Namibia? That is unknown. You can read more about my travels with Savannah so far in my blog series Travels with Savannah


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