How did you come up with “Itchy Boots”?

The English expression ‘to have itchy feet’ means:

To have itchy feet is to have a marked desire to travel or move from one place to another; to have the desire to leave a place. Also, to be eager to make a change or start something new.

I can’t think of anything more appropriate to describe my wanderlust, and that’s how ‘Itchy Boots’ was born!

What happened with Basanti?

I bought Basanti in India, but because I came to India as a tourist, I couldn’t register Basanti on my name. So an Indian friend of mine offered to register Basanti on his name. I managed to cross 25 countries like that, but unfortunately it’s not possible to cross Mexico with a vehicle not registered in your own name. So that meant the end of the road for Basanti! I explain the full story in this video.

Why did you choose a Royal Enfield Himalayan?

I rented a motorbike when I was traveling in India, which happened to be a Royal Enfield Himalayan. I liked this bike because it was easy to handle off-road (and I’d never ridden off-road before…), affordable and easy to maintain and fix. So I decided to buy one: “Basanti”. After completing 36.000 kilometers with Basanti, I knew that this was the right adventure bike for me and I wanted to continue with this bike. So now I’m going on a much bigger trip with “Dhanno”!


Where do the names Basanti and Dhanno come from?

Basanti was the heroine of the famous Bollywood movie ‘Sholay’. Together with her horse Dhanno she saved people with her horse-cart. Since Royal Enfield is an Indian motorcycle brand, giving them Indian names seemed appropriate!

How do you fund your travels?

I sold my house and my possessions so I could go and travel. To keep myself on the road for as long as possible, I’m trying to earn money with my YouTube videos, selling stickers and this blog. Sometimes people donate me money for petrol, but other than that, I’m not being sponsored. There have been some brands that donated me gear or equipment but no brand is paying me.

What is your current travel plan?

The plan is to travel from Patagonia to Alaska. Both Patagonia and Alaska are places where you want to ride in the summer time, so that means that you’d have to do this entire trip in either 6 months or 1,5 years. Six months is way too short, so I figure it will take me 1,5 year to ride from Patagonia to Alaska! Other than that, there is no plan. I take it day by day and see where it’ll get me!