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Gear & Equipment Season 7

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16 February 2023

A brand new season of Itchy Boots Adventures and I am going back to Africa! Africa is a big continent and the weather conditions can vary drastically, depending on location and season. I am beginning this journey in Morocco, traveling south. Because it's still the middle of winter when I'm setting off, I'll be wearing warmer clothing than you might expect for Africa! 

In this blog I am sharing the gear & equipment that I'll carry with me this season.  blog I am sharing the gear & equipment that I'll carry with me this season.  

Clothing - REV'IT!REV'IT!

I've been wearing REV'IT! Motorcycle gear for years now and I am proud to be a REV'IT! Ambassador. For the past 2 years, I have been wearing their  Dirt Series  line of adventure clothing and I am in love with it. Made for adventure, these motorcycle clothes are extremely lightweight, strong and comfortable. I mainly like that they give me a lot more flexibility to move in when I'm off-roading. They are also CE certified and therefore safe to use on tarmac as well.REV'IT! Motorcycle gear for years now and I am proud to be a REV'IT! Ambassador. For the past 2 years, I have been wearing their roading. They are also CE certified and therefore safe to use on tarmac as well.

I am wearing the 'Proteus' protector body armor and Scram knee protection and on top of that, there is a variety of jackets and pants you can choose based on the temperature and climate you ride in. 

For Morocco and Mauritania, I was wearing either the red-black Jersey Trailblazer or the red Jersey Sierra on top of my body armor. Those matched best with the colors of my motorcycle!

As it was still winter in Morocco, I brought my black Jacket Component H2O. This is the same jacket I had with me in Canada and Alaska. This jacket is waterproof and kept me extra warm in the mountains. In case of serious torrential downpour, I am bringing the lightweight Smock Barrier

Now that I have reached Senegal and it is becoming much warmer, I am wearing the Jersey Scramble which is lighter and thinner to get more airflow while I am riding.

For season 7, I am wearing the camo grey Dirt Series Peninsula Pants which I first used for the Baja Rally. After a full 6 day desert race in Mexico the pants still look like brand new, so they're coming with me to Africa now! 

The same goes for my motorcycle boots. These are the Expedition Boots, I've had these in the last season too and they are still in perfect condition. 

I'll be carrying three different motorcycle gloves with me. Three, you say? I normally carry two pairs of gloves with me, so I always have spare gloves with me. I won't ride my motorcycle without gloves, so they are a very important piece of kit.

Given the possibility of snow in the Atlas Mountains and very cold temperatures, I brought the first REV'IT! battery powered heated gloves with me : the Liberty H2O Heated Gloves. Now that I'm over the mountains and have headed into the West African desert, I have swapped to summer gloves. Those are the grey Dirt Series Caliber gloves. On top of that, for season 7, I've added an extra pair of very thin gloves in case of extreme heat. They are so small and light that they barely take up any space! Those are the red Dirt Series Massif gloves

During the 2022 Baja Rally, I rode with a neck brace because of the extra danger that comes with a desert race. Like with most of my protective equipment, I get used to it so quickly that riding without it afterwards just feels wrong. That's why I decided to keep my neck brace  and also wear it for my Season 7 adventures!

Helmet - Arai

You know what they say: Don't change a winning team! Like all previous seasons, I'm riding with the Arai Tour X-4. I strongly believe in the Arai values where safety is always the first priority. That's why I've even become an Arai Ambassador two years ago. Motorcycling can be a dangerous sport and the helmet is simply the most important piece of your personal safety gear.

For this season, I'll be proud to wear a new Tour X-4 with a custom design. With this incredible design I am ready to take on Africa! 

Like several seasons before this, I am still happy with the extra goggle set up on my helmet. I've again installed a quick release system so I can easily unclip my goggles. 


Luggage System - Mosko Moto

Ever since I switched from aluminum panniers to soft luggage, I've never looked back. Now I simply can't imagine all the extra weight that goes with aluminum panniers and pannier racks!

For years in a row now, I have been adventuring with the Reckless 80 Mosko Moto bags. In the world of soft luggage, I don't think any brand understands this better than Mosko Moto. Their gear is just the smartest and toughest! 

The total volume that I carry in the Reckless 80L Revolver (V3.0) is 84 liters : 2 Drybags of 25 liter each,1 Stinger 22L mailbag, 2 removable 4L dry bags and 2 small 2L Molle pouches. 

For a Tankbag, I am using the Hood tank bag (V1.2) again. Inside of it, I have a GIVI USB charging station which is connected to the motorcycle battery so I can charge small devices.

That's it - the most important pieces of gear and equipment that I am using in this season. Compared to previous seasons, I am also working with new cameras and drone equipment, which I talk more about in my Itchy Boots Academy. So if you are serious about film making and motorcycle vlogging - check out this page for more information! 



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Hello fellows who wants to know about the GPS system. After some research, i found this devid on Ali Express. I think it is similar:

Leo Lima  | 

I have followed you for a long time and seen you improvement in riding skills. Starting with the Kalahari race, it was jaw dropping. I didn't see that coming! Following up with the Baha race where you showed the real enduro spirit!
And thank you for letting us, follower, all the POI's where you are taking us! It's a beautiful world with a lot adventure!
I also have question, as I am replacing my Garmin with a tablet; What holder are you using on your Honda?

Gungnir  | 

Good day from the states Noraly. What a whirlwind adventure India has been. Such friendly people and amazing things to see. I guess it is coming to an end soon. I'm sure you want to get back to Africa and Alaska, but I know in my heart you long to stay in India for awhile longer. Thank you for the wonderful journey through your eyes. Take care and be well. Mark

Ron the rider  | 

Hello Noraly,
You're awesome. Ty for taking the time to make a post content. I've seen things through your eyes I never would've thought existed. I have a question that pertains to starting out on a journey like this. I know you left your job and sold what you owned so you could begin the journey. However, I'm wondering; did you have a back-up plan for when you ran out of money (if you did run out of money)? It seems like starting is one of the hardest parts and I'm very curious as to how that transition went. It seems as if you had done this before (worked a while, then left to travel) and I'm sure you had to go through some serious mental questioning before you took the plunge. Tyvm for your content!

Ender  | 

Morning from Florida Noraly. So enjoying you adventures from India. I thought the invite to the wedding was great. I keep going back to the part where they offered you "tea",and assured you there was no problem riding your bike. Just so funny. Looking forward to your next video
Take care. Mark

Ron the rider  | 

Hi Noraly:
We are not biker's but we are addicted to your video's and your positive attitude no matter the challenge or situation is something to be envied. The way you edit and blend the video's from your go-pro's and drone to make a final seamless video that illustrates the country/geography of you journey is excellent.

We notice you now have a Insta 360 X3 on your handlebars. Are you using any of the 360 imaging??? Or just video through one lens??? What are you using for editing your Insta video???

Thanks for posting your videos, and wish you safe travels.

RR and LM

Ron R  | 

Hey Nora. Good morning to you in India. That lake and area looks awesome to ride through. Absolutely stunning drone footage and background music. Got some water that's good everybody's so friendly there. Checkpoint done that's good. The color of the grass is cool. Wow amazing track to ride. Unbelievable wow those lakes those mountains that road you're riding on I am so envious of you. Yes amazing colors. Got some gas that's good woop woop . A lot of army guys around that area that's a good thing. Unbelievable sights thank you for the ride along. That's all have fun be safe see you in the next video. Later gator. 🐊😎👍♥️

David55  | 

Good morning from Florida Noraly. Hope you're doing well. I have to say, the ride you are on in India looks amazing. Had me laughing so hard when you asked the guys at the crossing if you looked Indian. They seemed speechless. Anyway, be well and continued success. Mark

Ron the rider  | 

Hey Noraly. Good morning India. Awesome area to ride through another noisy bridge. Got your permit cool. The view of Pakistan pretty cool. Lot of donkeys there. Absolutely amazing area to visit I never seen a monastery like that before thank you for the tour. I like your sunglasses they are cool. That is an awesome road to ride on and spectacular landscape and view of the river. It is always good to take roads you've never been on. Awesome drone footage and background music. That looks like a nice safe place to stay the night. Wow lot of good riding time I think that bike is a good one to ride. That's all I'll see you in the next video. Later gator 🐊😎👍♥️

David55  | 

Hi Noraly,
This is my first comment since I became a member back in August. I just had to say how happy I am your hand has healed and you are once again back on the road doing what you love. I so look forward to your adventures traveling around the world, seeing new places and meeting new people.
Thank you so much for the Newsletter's which I love to receive!
Take care Noraly, all the best,
Larry B

PostyUC  | 
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