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Gear and Equipment for Itchy Boots Season 4

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15 January 2021

With all my travel plans for winter 2020/2021 gone in the bin, I decided to explore the local Dutch moto scene instead! That meant that besides my adventure suit, I also needed suitable outfits for the different types of motorsports that I was going to try! REV’IT supplied me with the protective clothing I needed, and below you find the gear I used for the different episodes.

Regular gear

I am wearing the same helmet as in the previous season: the Arai Diamond White Tour X-4, with a Sena 3S headset incorporated in it so I can hear the directions and listen to Spotify while riding!

For my shorter trips within The Netherlands, I don’t need my full luggage system, so I just take the waterproof Mosko Moto Stinger 22L tailbag with me.

Leather race suit

This season I got the incredible opportunity to race on an empty TT Assen Race circuit. Of course, I had to wear a proper race suit for this episode. But not only on paved race tracks, the go-to outfit for flattrack racing is also a leather race suit. Or, when you get the chance to ride Ducati motorcycles for the day!

The Xena 3 One-piece suit fit me perfectly and the high quality protection gave me the confidence to race until my limits! To protect my hands, I got the Xena 3 gloves which had a nice fit and allowed for plenty of finger movement to control the clutch and throttle.


There were a lot of ‘firsts’ this season! Including episodes in full on dirt: motocross, trial and enduro. Now, I needed some proper, high boots so Rev’it! sorted me with the Expedition GTX boots.

These waterproof boots are stronger and taller and give more protection than my Discovery boots. They easily fit over your motorcycle pants too, which is great. I loved these boots so much that I decided to take these with me when I re-start my ride around the world!

Dirt series

I also got to try samples of the new REV’IT! Dirt series, which will become available around February 2021: a body armor, MX shirt, and jacket. A body armor with a jacket on top allows for more arm and upper body movement which was definitely necessary for these motorsports!


For my day-to-day riding, I like to wear my Adventure outfit, which is the Horizon Ladies Jacket and pants. To be able to withstand European wintertime, I am also wearing a Storm Jacket and Storm pants underneath. These are amazing wind blockers and keep me nice and warm!

Even though I have heated grips installed on Ronin, I still needed warm gloves too. I am using the Fusion 2 GTX gloves, which are specifically designed for use with heated grips! And of course, these are waterproof too.

Filming equipment

Every season I check and upgrade my equipment in order to keep on improving my video quality. For this season I used most of my equipment of last season and added some new items to the list.

Action Cameras
I used my GoPro Hero 8, but also bought a GoPro Hero 9 for even better imagery. To be able to connect these cameras to an external microphone, you need a GoPro MediaMod. Because these two cameras have different sizes (the Hero 9 is slightly bigger), I bought a GoPro Media for Hero 8 and the one needed for the Hero 9.

In season 3, I started using the GoPro Max, a 360-degrees camera. Using a camera like this opens up an entirely new array of filming possibilities which I am still exploring. I either mount this camera on my handlebar, or on my crash bars.

Mounting Gopros
For the majority of the time, I used three different cameras simultaneously on this season. One on my handlebar, one on my helmet, and one on my chest. The construction on my handlebar consists of three different parts. Firstly, I use a handlebar RAM mount, so I can attach a RAM Composite Double Socket Swivel & Ratchet Arm on top. Finally, a RAM Go Pro adapter mount is attached to that so you can easily mount your GoPro on it. For attaching a camera to my chest, I use a special Go Pro Harness. Like in the previous seasons, I use a ProShot helmet mount to mount my GoPro on my helmet.

When I walk around places, I use my regular vlogging setup: the GoPro Hero 8, with 3.5mm mic adapter in the Ulanzi Case with an external microphone.

Just like in Seasons 2 and 3, I use the DJI Mavic Air drone to film my aerial footage. This drone is small enough to fit in my motorcycle’s tank bag.

Gear & Equipment season 4

That was it, regarding the gear and equipment I used during my investigation of the Dutch motorcycle season!


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Love seeing the kit that people use. I'm constantly trying to see what people wear and use to get a better idea as to how these things work (complete novice trying to get his licence).

Matthew Sylvester  | 
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