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Season 7 : Return to Africa

1 May 2023

The past few weeks, I've taken a break from YouTube and I'm excited to share with you the preparations I did for the next leg of my journey through the African continent. Traveling West Africa is not for the faint of heart and it requires careful planning for some of it.  

Motorcycle service

I'll be servicing my motorcycle in Dakar before continuing further into West Africa. My Honda CRF300l Rally 'Alaska' got quite a beating in Mauritania and needs looking after. It's also time to get new tires fitted but I already know that I can't be picky. When you're on the road, you have to make do with what the bike shop has, so let's hope it's any good!  

I'll also be cleaning my fuel filter to remove any sand that may have accumulated during my Sahara rides. On top of that, several other wearable parts will need replacing and cleaning. Alaska needs to be in top shape for the next leg of the journey! 


I will be crossing many countries through West Africa and for most of them I have to organize a visa beforehand. Each African country has different visa rules so it's crucial to plan this accordingly and to avoid any last-minute issues. Arranging visas while on the go is quite time consuming and it also means I have to visit almost every capital city, since that is where the embassies/consulates are. Those capital cities are terrible to ride through on a motorcycle so I'm not particularly looking forward to this logistical part of the trip. 

On the other hand, arranging visas in neighboring countries will be a lot easier, quicker (and cheaper) than trying to arrange them in my home country of The Netherlands. For some reason it's much harder to get visas sorted there, so getting them along the way also has its perks. 

Vaccinations and malaria

Another important aspect of preparing for this part of my trip is taking care of the necessary health precautions. In some African countries, you are not allowed to enter the country if you don't have a yellow fever vaccination for example. Malaria is also a concern in this region, so I'll be taking the necessary measures to protect myself against it. I am bringing self-test malaria kits, anti-malaria tablets, insect repellent and also a mosquito net.

For the first stretch until Dakar (so crossing Morocco and Mauritania), this wasn't a concern as there is no malaria there. That's why I had to arrange a mosquito net to prepare myself for the jungle part of my African adventures! 


As for clothing, I'll be packing lighter clothes suitable for the hot weather in West Africa, including bringing lighter gloves . I've also changed my jersey to a thinner and lighter one to get more airflow while I'm riding. 

Finally, I've also got a new drone that I'll be using from now on - for information about my camera equipment, check out

I can't wait to hit the road and continue my adventures! But as always, it's important to take time every now and then and make some preparations that can be crucial in a later stage. 


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Seeing that you are having bike trouble - and it has served you well for 1000’s and 1000’s of miles, you might want to think about what motorcycle you will have for Season 8….Maybe a Tenere Raid?

KLT1962  | 

Just saw her in a YouTube video of her presentation at the 2023 SBR Festival in the UK. Video uploaded by “701 Adventures”. I don’t think that she mentioned that she had left Africa in today’s video.

jrobles999  | 

June 26. Has anyone heard where Noraly is at this time? No episode yesterday and she's never missed one till now.
Is there an Africa 911? Should we be worried? Lars, Seattle

Lars48  | 

Good morning Nora. Episode 40. Labe look pretty nice. You need a relaxing ride for a change. I do not like riding in the heat of the day either. I do not ride in the rain unless I have to. You really don't need to be riding in mud. That tarmac road was very nice. Really cool waterfall love the drone footage. The cliffs are awesome never seen that place before. Wow awesome background music as always. Amazing spectacular and beautiful . More nice way to ride lot of green vegetation. I was grunting for you when you had to pick your bike up girl ! Second waterfall impressive very cool. Wow I never seen that before. I would not walk across that bridge. Nice to see another Rider. And ride with for a change. Them people on top of that car are crazy. Nice place to stay and good you have someone to interact with and talk to. Most of all have fun and I'll see you in the next video. Later gator 🐊😎👍.

David55  | 

Hi Noraly, how is your live today?
I just finished your last e-mail and I´m totally agree with you about your blog, write only when you feel inspired! Of course it should be like that and not an obligation for a period time...
Another point that deserves my consideration is what concerns your human side when you refer to those countries that are so far from our reality, but that in one way or another survive all those adversities that they have, but that receive you with great respect and affection and that in your videos well presented.
Without amenities, whitout electricity, with very basic meals but with a great receptivity of its people...and with landscapes and places of unique beauty...
Good luck and be very careful, because there really are situations that can get out of control...
I hope you manage to escape from that rainy season that´s already coming to you...
Take care of yourself...

Miguel MAK  | 

Hope for an answer to my season 7 episode X question. At the end of an episode I'm directed to an unrelated web video and taken away from watching the next Itchy Boot episode. How to I link episodes? This wasn't a problem with the Argentina to Alaska series. Also, a search in Utube for Season 7 comes up with no problem but when I scan through the episodes it's rare to see which episode it is. Can I do better with a little help from my fellow Itchy Boot fans? Thanks, Lars in Seattle.

Lars48  | 

Noraly, Your Michelin front tire with Super open tread pattern, with low tire pressure may actually grab at sand,
NOT float like you need! Try Rear tire LOW like a paddle tire(traction). frnt. tire higher, to float on sandl NOT grab!
More open pattern is better SELF cleaning(MUD!). Annakee in sand is better, but NOT if you go in MUD (jungle)! if
can carry X-tra frt. tire can do both best! if not, realistic compromise is best can do at time!! Quel que pneus noveau
es tres plus bien que,(old BAD tire's) I like love Pirelli's MT21's for BIG lugs,open pattern, self cleaning pattern! D.O.T.
rated for up to 106mph! SUPER tough!! However, can't buy what's not for sale. C'est la vie! As I believe you are wise already
to most of this, carry on best as can!! "Love you Soo much!!, pls. be careful as can!" Toure guide EX-traordinarre!
Sand to me sucks generally, however is unavoidable I guess! Check, desert & Moto-cross riders recomendations
for help, recomendations! Bonne Journee's Mademoiselles! toujours!! Salut! A' Tonto! J.f.Seguine ,, Live to ride again!!

JfSeguineIII  | 

Hey Nora. Sunday's video the island very cool. People on the island cool. Drone footage cool. Background music cool. Crossing them Bridges like that very cool. I've never seen Islands made out of seashells before cool. That deep sand can be tough be careful in it. I have been watching season 5 dirt roads and mountain roads. Really cool. I am going to keep trying the 995 membership deal. Have fun be safe and I'll see you in the next video later gator. 🐊😎.

David55  | 

Noraly, "Avez vous une bateau pour traverse la riviere ici, pour louer? S'il vous plait? = Do you have a boat for crossing the river here? (for rent)please?" Check daily, Radiator level if can after cooldown if can, add water till later if low(emergency priority)! Great job as always! & Michelon' have served me well (feel VERY planted, (great & strong carcasses) for many years. (dirt bike's & SPORT bikes!).
Proceed with caution, hopefully! As always, MANY thot's & PRAYER'S are with You!!! "Live to RIDE agin'!!" s'il vous plait!!
j.f.seguine,, Aus,TX. "Keep calm & RIDE on!"

JfSeguineIII  | 

Hey Nora. I really appreciate your response to my comment that made my day. I have tried to send you a email a couple of times I don't know if they're getting through I've never sent anybody a email before. If your team can send me the latest newsletter you put out I will be good. I like reading your newsletters over and over and over. I lost a newsletters I had I think I deleted them by accident. Be safe keep on riding later gator 🐊

David55  | 
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