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Exploring the Saloum Delta by motorcycle

Season 7 : Return to Africa

17 May 2023

The Saloum Delta in Senegal is a unique and beautiful region located in western Senegal, where the Saloum River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The delta is home to a vast network of waterways, mangrove forests, and small islands that are spread out over an area of more than 5,000 square kilometres. It's home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, including many rare and endangered species such as manatees, marine turtles, and African fish eagles.

There are no roads to get to the delta so you have to arrive and depart by boat. Traveling with a motorcycle makes this even more challenging, as I have experienced. So called "piroques" (small boats) leave from a tiny town called Djiffer. The launch point for the boats is a hustling and bustling area and I had to pick my way around donkeys strapped to donkey carts, fishing nets laid out, people, cargo, horses and boats laid on the beach for repairs. 

I figured it would be difficult to find out where I had to go, but as often happens in places like this, all you have to do is just to stop and wait. My big bike with luggage and me in all my motorcycle gear generally attracts enough attention so that the people will just find me! After chatting to a couple of people, I found a boatman willing to take me, and my motorcycle, across!  

This entire area is not very touristy and I might very well have been the first motorcycle traveller that made it there. Here are three reasons why you in fact should consider exploring the Saloum Delta on two wheels:

Beautiful landscapes

The Saloum Delta is a region of natural beauty with it's pristine waterways and lush mangrove forests. One of the best parts of riding a motorcycle on the islands of this area is riding the narrow paths and tracks through the forests. The terrain is very sandy though so navigating the thick sand through narrow tracks can be tricky sometimes! 

The best time to explore the Saloum Delta region on a motorcycle is during the dry season, which runs from November to May. The roads can be muddy and difficult to navigate during the rainy season. 

Friendly locals

The people of the Saloum Delta are known for their traditional fishing and agriculture practices, and many still live in traditional thatched-roof homes. Everywhere I went, people were so friendly, curious and welcoming. If you speak French, you'll be able to communicate with most people here, but I also found people that could speak some English! They just loved having a visitor riding around the village and wherever I went, kids would come out running to greet me. 

Off the beaten path

The Saloum Delta is still relatively undiscovered by mass tourism.  In the south there are some operators that will run river tours, but the northern part of the Delta, and the area around Dionewar is completely off the tourist maps. Unspoiled by the masses, it's a great place to get to know the Senegalese culture and island life. The region is also rich in cultural heritage, with several small villages and communities that are home to distinct ethnic groups, each with its own unique customs and traditions. 

So if you're looking for your next adventure, I highly recommend adding this stunning region of Senegal to your bucket list!


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Hey Noraly.Epi 35 an early start good. Did you not want the Monkees help dirt road to the ferry look cool. That boat no problem easier to load and unload. Good thing the river was calm. Went pretty smooth. Everything snapped piece of cake. You always make it look easy. After customs office super awesome riding time nice road. Pretty busy town a lot of people. That was a nice dirt road to ride on. That is a nice view of the river and boats. That's all have fun. I'll see you in the next video. Later gator 🐊😎👍.

David55  | 

You can feel the jungle heat and humidity increasing in every video. Take you malaria pills and watch the water supply. I enjoy the your geology and recent river wildlife shots. Robert Sapolsky, Stanford neuroscientist and baboon researcher, says primates like baboons, chimps, and humans are deceived by their brains. They do not really have free will - so I guess we can't blame the monkey. BTW, you mentioned how heavy long-lenses are but they are useful for nature photography. I bought a pocket Panasonic digital long-lens camera over ten years ago and liked it. The current models are better and just as small. Here is an example:
/with 4k video and 24-720mm optical zoom.
Love the videos, and I think you are wise to cut back a little in the tropical heat.

KWB  | 

Hey Nora. Sure is cool how everybody waves at you and is so friendly to you. Episode 34 lots of good riding time and beautiful scenery. I like tropical mango from Gatorade. On the ferry this time. Everybody's curious about you and so nice to you. More good riding time. The rice fields did look good I eat a lot of rice these days. Captain hippo pretty nice tour guide. Did you see any crocodiles? Excellent background music. I think that monkey wanted to help work on your bike. Amazing video. Have fun and I'll see you in video later gator. 🐊😎👍

David55  | 

I must say I show a lot of restraint and willpower because I will wait until you have a couple of episodes released before I watch them. I'm 52 and have been watching you forever and I bought your keychain, hat and scarf. The clothing I am waiting on as I am on something called intermittent fasting. I am trying to get stronger and healthier in order to get my own bike. I used to ride when I was a teenager and I stopped once I had kids etc. Now I want to go back to it and your videos inspire me and also make me envious at the same time haha! Someone mentioned other things that you could possibly sell as merchandise and my suggestion is to have a light windbreaker jacket, with your itchy boots logo on it. Maybe a 3/4 length with a drawstring at the waist. I own two of these and they are great but I would love to have an itchy boots one. I wear the hat all the time. Love all the episodes and so glad I found your Channel. 🤘

BabyGrrr  | 

Noraly,, chk. CottonPickinKids.Com (I'll FLY away!). Reminds us of You! Enjoyin' yer' journey Soo much! Keep calm & RIDE on!
you have a GREAT deal of Savoir Faire!(ability to know how to do!). Tresss bien! (riden' in sand, weight rear as can!,, have even riden wi. one foot on rear peg to keep frt.end lite! with luggage problematic.). Great grace helpin' folk out! Beautiful! We should ALL be soo kind! You are such an inspiration to all! carry on!!
ps. "Avez vous d'assurance ici pour mon Moto?= Do you have insurance for my M/Cycle here?)." PTL! God BLESS y'All Always!!
J.f.Seguine Aus.TX.

JfSeguineIII  | 

nice videos of a super remote place amazing to me that there still parts of the world with no running water or electricity in the 21st century yet they live a lot more ethicaly and morally than the modern world ride on ill keep watching

stinger65  | 

Hey Nora. Got a little wet from the water truck no problem. Riding dirt road with trees so lovely. Bridge crossing and scenery so beautiful. Another boat ride for you and your bike no problem. I am going to get black fur for my seat. No need ferrier didn't even tie it down. Sure was nice of them guys. Very nice of you to take supplies to them people. Have you ever popped a wheelie on any bike? Them trees are amazing. Your dance at the end was super cool. Have fun see you in the next video. Later gator. 🐊😎👍.

David55  | 

My Opps Noraly.
Till I watched again, then I noticed that you were bare feet in the water. Just like walking down the dam in South Africa. Sundays video was a treat to watch also.

Mike - P.  | 

Super fascinating! Thanks for going to the extra effort of boats and such to give us this look at the delta. I’m reading up more on it here. Saloum Delta the World Heritage site.
I think you’re spot on with your three reason to visit the delta area in Senegal.

secondcreekrider  | 

Hey CvlB. It's not advise or a suggestion it is just a request. It is just something I would like to have to go with my itchy boots stuff that is hanging on the wall in front of my Softail. Like you said she don't need my help. My itchy boots t-shirt came in the mail today and I love it. I have to order another one to hang on the wall with the rest of my itchy boots stuff. Free sticker pretty cool too. Not to mention a poster would be really cool. What do you? That's all I'm going for a ride now later man. 😎👍

David55  | 
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