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Season 5 has ended - what's next?

15 November 2021

It was a surreal feeling coming back to The Netherlands after riding around Southern Africa for 7 months. Not because of the huge difference in temperature, nature and culture, but mostly because The Netherlands is starting to feel less and less like home. 

Since I've sold my house and quit my job at a dredging company some 3,5 years ago in order to travel the world and document my travels, I’ve seem to have partly lost connection with ‘home’. Somehow being snuggled tightly in between the bags on my bike, only carrying the few belongings I need to survive on the road, feels more like home than the Netherlands does now. 

I also felt a strong connection with the Southern African countries I explored in Season 5. The reason for that might have been a combination of riding around on a motorcycle with South African plates, and having a Dutch accent which is similar to an Afrikaans accent, so most of the people I met assumed I was a local. That was something completely new to me. When I traveled in Asia, South America, or anywhere else really, people never assumed I was a local. So when I was considered to be a local in Southern Africa, it made me feel even more welcome and at home. 

I wasn't quite ready to leave Southern Africa yet, but there was no option left to explore this continent with Savannah. As a foreigner I could not register Savannah in my name, and that makes it impossible to travel further north with her. I was only allowed to travel in the neighboring countries of South Africa with her.

So, there was no other choice than to relocate and continue my travels with a new motorcycle, one that will be registered in my own name. It was time to return to The Netherlands.

My bike is my home My bike is my home

Preparing for next season

Finding and buying a new bike and getting everything sorted and geared up for another year or so on the road requires quite a bit of planning and organising. And while I was running around trying to do all that, Europe dove straight into being the epicenter of the next wave of Covid-19 again. Countries going back into lockdown, travel restrictions being reinstated, and certain nationalities being 'red listed', it was all back on the table again. 

What can I say - almost 2 years down the line and the world still hasn't turned back to normal. In terms of traveling around the world on a motorbike. I have a feeling that Season 6 will have its challenges again too. But, just like when all of this started 2 years ago, sitting and waiting it out in The Netherlands doing nothing, is simply not an option. I've come to accept that the world will probably battle this pandemic for several years to come. All I can do is stay optimistic, think in solutions not in problems, and keep my fingers crossed there won't be any complete lockdowns wherever I am going. 

Despite all of this, my goal remains the same. I want to create inspiring travel videos that will act as 20-minute escapes from negative news flashes, three times per week. We can all do with some adventuring, dreaming of far away lands and feel-good movies! 

Adventure in far away lands Adventure in far away lands


My experience with the Kalahari Rally in South Africa made me realize there is an entire world of exciting cross country rallying that I had no idea about. I will surely participate in another rally one day, but for now my main focus will remain on creating motorcycle adventure travel videos, as that's what I love to do the most. Besides, rallying is a very expensive hobby, so hopping from rally to rally is not going to happen anytime soon. But, I am planning to enter one rally in the coming season and put my new motorcycle to the test. This time hopefully without breaking a subframe! 

When and where will Season 6 start? 

The biggest challenge for the next season will be finding an area in the world where multiple countries have (re-)opened their borders, so overlanding on a motorcycle is actually possible. And even then, there are no guarantees that borders will remain open. That means that I am working on a plan and travel route for the next season, but that the plans might change once, twice, thrice or even more often! 

Whatever happens, I can’t wait to be back on the road again, and filming crazy and beautiful motorcycle adventures. I will be soon revealing more about the new bike that I will be riding and where the journey is going to take place. Stay tuned!


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Please keep us up to date! I’d love to be there to watch you roll across the border into Canada! I’ve watched your videos in the past and choose to live vicariously through you. ❤️ Age and health tend to be my handicaps but still love life on 2 wheels. Take care - ride safe and travel well

2wheel life  | 

Lots of courage and luck on your new adventure! I was wondering how you intend to get around the Darien Gap? sending lots of love and support!

Jack Moriarty  | 

I know you get all sort of comment, suggestions, request, and probably allot that I can't even imagine. I enjoy sharing your adventures, appreciate the efforts (that I am sure I cannot imagine it all) you give. I can thankfully say you make me read and search for more info on some places you visit just to understand more of the history, and importance. I do gain an understanding that all of us in the world have so much in common and wish that it could be a more peaceful place. Then when I just don't understand, or cannot gather the thought process for a given moment, or situation, and wonder that "What the _ _ _ _ was that about?" There will just be some music playing, and the scenery will be going by on the road, and in just a few moments the scenery changes around that next bend, and I can't wait to see what's next a bit further when I know what happiness is. Thanks for what you do. Thanks even more for sharing. Be safe out there.

RB  | 

My Heart is My Home
Good morning internet
Let's Go

Onmoll channel  | 

Thanks for your wonderful Season 5 from southern Africa, the first season I have seen in 'real time.' Well done, Noraly. You have made me an #Itchybooter.
Looking forward to 'the big reveal' of your new ride to us on Wednesday. I'm voting for the KTM because I have a local motorcycle shop with (among other things) new KTMs, just a few blocks from me.

Bill Foster  | 

Greetings from Kansas City, USA.. I would suggest that you come to America, but it’s winter now… my recommendation is to go to Australia… lots of off-road and very Motocycle oriented…

Matt Nadler  | 

Hello Noraly

Greetings from the United Kingdom!

I am a member of the African Climate research group at the University of Oxford. I showed your channel to my supervisor (Professor Richard Washington) who is one of the world's leading experts on African climate science and is just as obsessed with motorcycling as you are - he loves your videos!

Keep up the great work - I really enjoy your videos and I can't wait for your next uploads

Dr David Crowhurst

crowdave  | 

Dear Noraly, I like all your videos. I vote for the United States for Season 6. The lower 48 states combined area is nearly the same area as all of Europe (5 million km2). You can freely travel between all 48 states. Only 4 states currently have vaccination requirements (example: show vax card for entering restaurants): Oregon, Washington, California and New York. One can travel year-round in mild weather as our latitude varies between 25 and 48 degrees. You would thoroughly enjoy the mostly paved back roads of the Eastern US and the gravel roads on public lands in the Western US. If you stuck to rural areas your travel costs would be reduced. -Wayne

PCTtigerhunter  | 

Dear Noraly,
I can’t wait for season 6! Your videos give me hope for the world….Thank you!!!

Princej3rd  | 

Hi Noraly,
First, I want to thank you for all the beautiful images you are sharing with us every week. Your adventures around the world are top not only in content but also in terms of production quality. How pleasant but also an indeed very welcomed surprise was now to hear that you are aiming up to upload three 20 'videos every week. Given the attention you pay to the processing, I deem your decision to be a high goal. For all of us, the followers and virtual companions throughout your journeys, watching you more often is nothing but pleasant news. What remains now, is the moment you will put us into the process of naming your new two-wheeled partner, together with the forthcoming choice of your next bike (model and brand). I stay tuned and I am looking forward to knowing what you are soon about to announce...

Nikolasv  | 
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