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Season 5 has ended - what's next?

15 November 2021

It was a surreal feeling coming back to The Netherlands after riding around Southern Africa for 7 months. Not because of the huge difference in temperature, nature and culture, but mostly because The Netherlands is starting to feel less and less like home. 

Since I've sold my house and quit my job at a dredging company some 3,5 years ago in order to travel the world and document my travels, I’ve seem to have partly lost connection with ‘home’. Somehow being snuggled tightly in between the bags on my bike, only carrying the few belongings I need to survive on the road, feels more like home than the Netherlands does now. 

I also felt a strong connection with the Southern African countries I explored in Season 5. The reason for that might have been a combination of riding around on a motorcycle with South African plates, and having a Dutch accent which is similar to an Afrikaans accent, so most of the people I met assumed I was a local. That was something completely new to me. When I traveled in Asia, South America, or anywhere else really, people never assumed I was a local. So when I was considered to be a local in Southern Africa, it made me feel even more welcome and at home. 

I wasn't quite ready to leave Southern Africa yet, but there was no option left to explore this continent with Savannah. As a foreigner I could not register Savannah in my name, and that makes it impossible to travel further north with her. I was only allowed to travel in the neighboring countries of South Africa with her.

So, there was no other choice than to relocate and continue my travels with a new motorcycle, one that will be registered in my own name. It was time to return to The Netherlands.

My bike is my home My bike is my home

Preparing for next season

Finding and buying a new bike and getting everything sorted and geared up for another year or so on the road requires quite a bit of planning and organising. And while I was running around trying to do all that, Europe dove straight into being the epicenter of the next wave of Covid-19 again. Countries going back into lockdown, travel restrictions being reinstated, and certain nationalities being 'red listed', it was all back on the table again. 

What can I say - almost 2 years down the line and the world still hasn't turned back to normal. In terms of traveling around the world on a motorbike. I have a feeling that Season 6 will have its challenges again too. But, just like when all of this started 2 years ago, sitting and waiting it out in The Netherlands doing nothing, is simply not an option. I've come to accept that the world will probably battle this pandemic for several years to come. All I can do is stay optimistic, think in solutions not in problems, and keep my fingers crossed there won't be any complete lockdowns wherever I am going. 

Despite all of this, my goal remains the same. I want to create inspiring travel videos that will act as 20-minute escapes from negative news flashes, three times per week. We can all do with some adventuring, dreaming of far away lands and feel-good movies! 

Adventure in far away lands Adventure in far away lands


My experience with the Kalahari Rally in South Africa made me realize there is an entire world of exciting cross country rallying that I had no idea about. I will surely participate in another rally one day, but for now my main focus will remain on creating motorcycle adventure travel videos, as that's what I love to do the most. Besides, rallying is a very expensive hobby, so hopping from rally to rally is not going to happen anytime soon. But, I am planning to enter one rally in the coming season and put my new motorcycle to the test. This time hopefully without breaking a subframe! 

When and where will Season 6 start? 

The biggest challenge for the next season will be finding an area in the world where multiple countries have (re-)opened their borders, so overlanding on a motorcycle is actually possible. And even then, there are no guarantees that borders will remain open. That means that I am working on a plan and travel route for the next season, but that the plans might change once, twice, thrice or even more often! 

Whatever happens, I can’t wait to be back on the road again, and filming crazy and beautiful motorcycle adventures. I will be soon revealing more about the new bike that I will be riding and where the journey is going to take place. Stay tuned!


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Please keep us up to date! I’d love to be there to watch you roll across the border into Canada! I’ve watched your videos in the past and choose to live vicariously through you. ❤️ Age and health tend to be my handicaps but still love life on 2 wheels. Take care - ride safe and travel well

2wheel life  | 

Lots of courage and luck on your new adventure! I was wondering how you intend to get around the Darien Gap? sending lots of love and support!

Jack Moriarty  | 

I know you get all sort of comment, suggestions, request, and probably allot that I can't even imagine. I enjoy sharing your adventures, appreciate the efforts (that I am sure I cannot imagine it all) you give. I can thankfully say you make me read and search for more info on some places you visit just to understand more of the history, and importance. I do gain an understanding that all of us in the world have so much in common and wish that it could be a more peaceful place. Then when I just don't understand, or cannot gather the thought process for a given moment, or situation, and wonder that "What the _ _ _ _ was that about?" There will just be some music playing, and the scenery will be going by on the road, and in just a few moments the scenery changes around that next bend, and I can't wait to see what's next a bit further when I know what happiness is. Thanks for what you do. Thanks even more for sharing. Be safe out there.

RB  | 

My Heart is My Home
Good morning internet
Let's Go

Onmoll channel  | 

Thanks for your wonderful Season 5 from southern Africa, the first season I have seen in 'real time.' Well done, Noraly. You have made me an #Itchybooter.
Looking forward to 'the big reveal' of your new ride to us on Wednesday. I'm voting for the KTM because I have a local motorcycle shop with (among other things) new KTMs, just a few blocks from me.

Bill Foster  | 

Greetings from Kansas City, USA.. I would suggest that you come to America, but it’s winter now… my recommendation is to go to Australia… lots of off-road and very Motocycle oriented…

Matt Nadler  | 

Hello Noraly

Greetings from the United Kingdom!

I am a member of the African Climate research group at the University of Oxford. I showed your channel to my supervisor (Professor Richard Washington) who is one of the world's leading experts on African climate science and is just as obsessed with motorcycling as you are - he loves your videos!

Keep up the great work - I really enjoy your videos and I can't wait for your next uploads

Dr David Crowhurst

crowdave  | 

Dear Noraly, I like all your videos. I vote for the United States for Season 6. The lower 48 states combined area is nearly the same area as all of Europe (5 million km2). You can freely travel between all 48 states. Only 4 states currently have vaccination requirements (example: show vax card for entering restaurants): Oregon, Washington, California and New York. One can travel year-round in mild weather as our latitude varies between 25 and 48 degrees. You would thoroughly enjoy the mostly paved back roads of the Eastern US and the gravel roads on public lands in the Western US. If you stuck to rural areas your travel costs would be reduced. -Wayne

PCTtigerhunter  | 

Dear Noraly,
I can’t wait for season 6! Your videos give me hope for the world….Thank you!!!

Princej3rd  | 

Hi Noraly,
First, I want to thank you for all the beautiful images you are sharing with us every week. Your adventures around the world are top not only in content but also in terms of production quality. How pleasant but also an indeed very welcomed surprise was now to hear that you are aiming up to upload three 20 'videos every week. Given the attention you pay to the processing, I deem your decision to be a high goal. For all of us, the followers and virtual companions throughout your journeys, watching you more often is nothing but pleasant news. What remains now, is the moment you will put us into the process of naming your new two-wheeled partner, together with the forthcoming choice of your next bike (model and brand). I stay tuned and I am looking forward to knowing what you are soon about to announce...

Nikolasv  | 

Thank you for your comments. Happy to read that you are as curious about Season 6 as I am :-).

Noraly  | 

Hi Noraly,
Good job with the interview. Keep us updated on the rally you intend to attend! If I win the lotto, I'll sponsor you to redo Kalahari :-) on a SWM. Seriously, it would be cool if RevZilla could hook you up with other sponsors for your Itchyboots entry (into the dust 5) Baja 1000. Don't worry about StarTrek, that was mostly a NA thing. Not liking two strokes, however is almost a deal breaker for me, that is song of my people, but I'm willing to overlook that because of your fondness for Italian V twin music. I think many US pavement riders are hung up on range and tank size, because they have a lot of distance to cover, (like +1100KM) in a day, plan on going fast (130Kph), and don't want to stop more than every two hundred miles. Lastly, I'm sorry these guys were so ignorant about the Netherlands. (what language ? what side of the road, do you have a monarch, I half expected them to ask a question about the red light district, and kind of surprised that they don't know about TWAAP, so they would have seen more of riding in NL)

PNW Rider  | 

As an 85 year old guy whose favorite bike (years ago) was a 250cc Ossa Mick Andrews Replica (observed trials), I really appreciate your YouTube posts. They help me remember how much fun it was to attempt to climb small hills so steep I couldn't even traverse them on foot! I especially enjoyed your adventures with the various trainers you used prior to Africa. I only discovered your channel a few months ago and have since watched nearly all of your content. Because of covid, you might consider large countries (1-USA, 2-Russia, 3-China) where border crossings are not a problem. I vote for #1, especially the state of Texas with all of its "off the beaten path" back roads!

Monty Cothran  | 

Hi Noraly,
I watched the YT program with Revzilla. It was a very nice one. Thank you for all your videos.
Greetings from Turkey

SinanU  | 







i know i have missed it but what happened to the bike in Peru? why can't you continue that journey? All the US is open for travel and it is like several countries in one. with varying climates, geography and people man the people are different. i just traveled from Alabama to Maine and back and it was fun and the difference in area and people are amazing. hope you have found a great bike and can't wait to find out what and who it is!

Delmas  | 

Hi Noraly
Looking forwards the new season with new bike , wherever you go it looks amazing thought your eyes and I will continue to follow you on you chanel , it looks like I am a bit addict of you videos
What is the name of your new bike ? 🙂🙂
Thierry from Thailand

Thierry  | 

Dear Noraly,

It’s exactly like you say an escape for 20 minutes from reality and i’ve gotten a little addicted to it, so looking foreward to season 6. And so exited to see what your next motorbike shall be. Starting to like the light bikes more and more, so strange here in the Netherlands and Europe everybody whats bigger and more horsepower (and we’re only allowed to go 100 km/h so whats the use). Anyway, stay safe ✌🏽 (Virtual) hugs. “Let’s Go”….

SmekSparrow  | 

Dear Noraly, my family and I are looking forward to your new season. We really miss you and your exciting video. Fingers crossed, we hope that the pandemic will soon come to an end and you will again delight us with your wonderful road adventures. From St. Petersburg, Russia with love.

Operation  | 

Dear Noraly,
I have watched all your videos and enjoyed them immensely, especially season 5. Seeing your travels of Southern Africa through your eyes has been such a pleasure. Your positive, can-do attitude is quite remarkable. It is quite obvious (to me) you felt at home during your travels in Southern Africa and I hope you will return soon. The pandemic has affected the entire world, but fortunately the South African Covid statistics show that we are most likely one of the lowest risk countries at the moment and this might influence your decisions going forward. Looking forward to season 6. Good luck with your future plans....

Pierre van Deventer  | 

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz there is something about cliking your heels together and saying 'there no place like home', anyway nothing wrong with moving forward with your plan.

Ran-di  | 

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are all anxious for you’re new season. Can’t work out without your videos (closer to 35. minutes the better). Meanwhile, for fun, you could open up a comment area for people’s guesses where you’re going next and maybe guesses on your new love. I’m confident you’re not going even near a 500, outside of that I have little knowledge in bikes.

Steppenwolf  | 

Nor. Fantastic to hear you are planning your next adventure, cant wait to see your new bike, Africa Twin, Tenere 700 perhaps, something with a little more power than that awesome little CRF 250 that served you so well in Africa. Every day I am checking to see if there is a little blue dot next to your youtube icon to see if you have posted a video. looks like I will have to wait a little longer. It is a very difficult time to plan an international adventure at the moment, though I am sure you will travel to somewhere that is going to be super challenging and interesting. I think you are right we wont be through this pandemic for another couple of years so wherever to go I will be along for the ride. Take care, look forward to seeing you soon, Patrick.

PJR  | 

My dear Noraly ma'am, i love you so much. I love watching your travel vlogs and efforts u do to make it.I have listened to podcasts interviews blogs etc.. which is on internet. U r my favourite human from internet.I wish to meet you for some quality time.Ur words and beautiful smile is bliss especially "good morning internet".And i wish that where ever you are stay healthy and happy.I miss Basanthi and Dhaano.I wished that could u make a visit to Basanthi Dhaano. Actually my ears are in tears, U have grown throughout these years in me too. U r a great awesome person. I Love You to the best.❤️☺️🥰💝😍😘✨

prince mohan  | 

Hi, Noraly. Have been following your channel faithfully.
Suggestions for season 6: Cuba has opened as of November 15th. See my 1.5 years experience riding in Cuba: The website is very out of date but the experiences are there.
I would also suggest Canada. There are many challenging roads once you get a couple hundred km north of the US border. The Trans Labrador Hwy is one; there is a northern road in Quebec; all 3 prairie provinces are full of gravel roads. You can even ride up to the Artic Ocean at Tuktoyaktuk.
Lots of mining history to explore and geological formations....we got lots of rocks.

Dave39  | 

Noraly, the world changes by the minute. I might suggest that Canada might be an option for Season 6. For the most part, we have things under control, but as I write this, things could be changing. Canada from Coast to Coast is a unique beast in itself. The Beauty of Cape Breton, the European flavour of Quebec, the forests and lakes of Ontario, the flatlands of the Prairies to the foothills of the Rockies and the spender of being able to start at the Atlantic Ocean and finish at the Pacific Ocean. We have amazing wildlife and a diverse population. Whatever you will do, it will be as incredible as you have already done.

Randall McKeown  | 

Looking forward to a new season, just parked my bike for the season (living in Norway) and have some new adventures from you to look at while waiting for next season would be great. Also ordered me a new GS Rally Edition that maybe will make this winter even longer ;-)
Ps! The nordic country´s still have open borders between them and good Covid statistics so far, even if the numbers are rising a bit now after everything was opened up (now rules or restrictions)
But you never know how long that situation last.

Solo Rider  | 

Hai Noraly,
Verheug me erg op het nieuwe seizoen. Ik zit er klaar voor.

Henk Bollen  | 

Hey Nor:
I know you're already made up your mind. And no matter where you plan on traveling next, I wish you all the best and safe travels. However, I must give you my input. Your trip in South America was cut short just as you were about to experience some of the most fascinating countries on the planet. Hopefully you will, on some occasion, finish that trip. Best regards from Santa Barbara, CA and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Donn Z

Donn Z  | 

Hi Norlay, Really pleased you are planning your next adventure. Love your videos and can't wait for the new season. Safe travels!

Gibbsy  | 

hooked on your passion for bikes and your adventures, i feel sorry for dhanno, do have any pictures of her in her returned state, i would bet on your next bike, i would say ktm 450, lightweight big single

ray howell  | 

Hi Noraly. I wish you all the best for your new adventure. Can't wait to watch new videos. Me and my wife have watched all of your content on youtube by now. Best regards from Zagreb, Croatia.

CroMystic  | 

Hi Noraly
I watched you on Highside Lowside's podcast and was excited to hear you have already bought your next motorcycle to continue your fantastic adventures i can't wait for season 6 to begin....Ride Safe!

Andy D  | 

Bonjour Noraly,
Tu es une inspiration et tu es mon héroïne. J'ai vraiment très hâte de savoir quelle sera ta prochaine moto et ta prochaine aventure.
J'aimerais beaucoup que tu poursuivre ton voyage Pantagonie-Alaska mais peu importe je te suivrai.
Ride safe et salutations du Québec. xx

MC Rider  | 

Hi No.
To experience you happines by discover Rally really touch me. That, together with Ruta de Las Lagunas in Bolivia is for me the biggest moments on your tube.
I also want to play along, guessing on your next adventure. I think you will go for Honda again, but with more power, CRF450 is my guess. I also think you will go to Northern Africa, where you could test your self and the bike in a bigger Rally. Morocco Dessert Challenge or perhaps The Real Way To Dakar?
Anyway no matter what you will throw your self into, I will be following you every step.
Good luck with your new project, and all the best to you.
Stay safe out there.
Per from Denmark

Gummigeden  | 

Beste Noraly,
Een nieuw avontuur, een nieuwe motor! Een geschikte motor moet niet te zwaar zijn, een goede zadelhoogte hebben, makkelijk te repareren zijn en in de tank moet voldoende benzine mee kunnen, en er zijn niet veel motoren op de markt die hier aan voldoen. De Honda CRF 300 L voldoet hier zeker aan, 27 pk is genoeg, en ook de KTM 390 adventure is niet verkeerd, 158 kg droog, 855 mm zadelhoogte, 14 l tank en 43,5 pk. Ik gok dat je volgende reis in Australie is, ik heb hier 4 maanden "rond"gereden met mijn vrouw, in Darwin een tweedehands 4x4 gekocht, tent mee,helemaal geweldig. Later in Nieuw Zeeland op de motor rondgereden met mijn dochter achterop de geleende BMW R80 RT van een vriend van een vriend! Toen de achterband op was had een motorzaak geen band in voorraad en ze haalden een band van een motor uit de showroom! Ook een geweldig land. Ik ben benieuwd naar je volgende avonturen.
Groeten, Arnout

Arnout  | 

Bueno, todo puede ir en funcion de lo que te propongas hacer. Yo apostaria por una Husqvarna 701 con deposito grande o una KTM 690 de ultima generacion (no son tan nerviosas) O incluso una AJP PR7. Las CRF 450 creo que tienen mantenimiento corto de kilometros, otra opcion seria una SWM RS 500...en fin ...ligereza y fiabilidad.

RicardoPuente  | 

Your next bike could be named 'Ubuntu' .
The bond that connects all nations, you Noraly!
Waiting in anticipation for your next "let's go"!
A BIG fan from Fiji Islands

Ronellefiji  | 

I have a sneaky suspicion it will be a KTM . If not then the CRF450L Honda.
I loved your African adventure the best (I am biased of course), you cannot believe how much good that has done for tourism in Southern Africa.....thank you, thank you we need the positive messages to come and explore!!!
Can't wait for the new series

Nik27  | 

Can’t wait for series 6 hope it’s as good as all your others, watching series 2 again great video and music. Recon you might go KTM this time?

Recklesseric59  | 

First, I really enjoyed your appearance on Revzilla's High Side/Low Side podcast. It was hilarious at times and fun to see and hear from you in a completely different setting. As for the new bike mystery, since as you acknowledge your bike is your home, and we all know that having guest facilities makes a home more enjoyable, my guess is a 2022 Ural "Gear Up," complete with 4-speed transmission and sidecar (for visiting relatives). I note that the bikes are once again available in red, after failing the elk test a few years back (See the YouTube video, "Ural Quality Testing"). It has so-so ground clearance, very humorous behavior in right-hand turns, and build quality that is certain to provide frequent opportunities for challenging and highly entertaining (for us viewers) "adventures." However, I would still urge caution regarding choosing one in red, depending of course on whether your upcoming travels will traverse elk territory.

Bsmukler  | 

I am looking forward to your new adventure very much. It's funny but what I miss most about the Africa series are the lovely times spent following your journey through the deserts via drone shots. It was almost like meditation for me! Africa was stunning and, for me, such an eye opener. I am forever grateful for the places you take us and for your style of narrative. Thank you Noraly and see you soon!

Sheila YX600Radian  | 

Such a tease! The T7 would be nice but perhaps too tall too big! CRF300L Rally could be a wee bit anemic on pavement but good elsewhere and we know you prefer elsewhere? I’m thinking a CRF450RL with a bigger gas tank? Whatever your new companion looking so forward to Season Six. 👍

SteverinoB  | 

Good Morning Noraly,
My wife and I look forward to each blog you put out. Thank you for keeping us young as we travel with you.
Wallace Cole

Wallace  | 

Possible to reach by bike, only taking a ferry in the south of Spain.
Keep safe and I hope your bike will not be damaged like Savannah.

Vermeulen Chris  | 

I'm really waiting for your new adventures with your new bike. I'm quite sure it's an adventure bike. With your love of riding off-road it can't be another bike. But the big question for all of us : Where are you going to explore the world ? You explored the southern part of Africa, so maybe you are going to explore the northern part of Africa? Possible to reach by bike, only ta

Vermeulen Chris  | 

Hello Noraly,
We are "elderly retired" bikers from Cape Town. We are now living our twilight years in the UK. Your adventures through southern Africa have been a wonderful part of our lives, for which we thank you most sincerely. May your future journeys always be safe and exciting. We look forward to your coming videos.

GrahamS  | 

So that means you recently took off and now are back on the road? 🤗
Have a safe enjoyable trip, I am already buzzing with anticipation for season 6! I keep making bets with myself where on the map you will pop up this time and all, I expect to be surprised yet again as well!
Wibbling with looking forward as ever,
…who silently accepts that there won't even be hugged calendars now… 🥺

Zweispurmopped  | 

Hi Noraly,
I am pleased you are getting prepared for Season 6. I really like the videos, presentation style and your friendly nature with people you meet. Really refreshing.
I think you are correct regarding living with Covid-19 - probably have to get a jab in the arm every year but it should not stop us enjoying motorcycle travel. All the best and safe travels Mal ((Australia).

Mal  | 

Hi Noraly,
I’d love to see you make additional videos showing / or explanations of the fees and paperwork for your boarder crossings with your bike.
Also , in the other videos, knowing the costs for your accomodation and some of your meals costs etc would be an interesting addition.

Levi  | 

Dear Noraly,
As a person who has never been out of my country, I explore the world through your videos. Your videos helps my to get away from all the bat shit craziness happening in our world currently. I would even say its kinda therapeutic for me. So, I am waiting for the season 6 with all my heart open and I am certain that its gonna be another season with utmost fun and adventure.

With Lots and Lots of Love.
From Kerala, a little state in southern India

Neil Jaya Karunakaran  | 

Hello Noraly, from Derbyshire England. I'm really missing your videos, can't wait to find out where your next destination with be. I need my Noraly fix soon please xx

Dave Marriott  | 

Hi Noraly,
I'm so excited to hear that your are already deep into planning your next series of adventures. Here in the UK winter is approaching (Snow forecast for next week across much of Europe including us). My Royal Enfield Woodsman and my newly acquired Benelli Leoncino are going to be tucked up safe and warm in my garage for the winter (unless we get some nice dry days without salt on the roads) but my Himalayan will continue to be ridden through the winter. Got my Itchy Boots hoodie - Soooo comfy and warm :-) Looking forward to your next series. Wherever you end up going to, we all know that you will make it feel like somewhere special, because of the friendliness and empathy you always show to those that you meet on your travels.

Lots of love from Sean, and Sherpa the Himalayan.

Sean Keogh  | 

Oh Noraly I will definitely be waiting to here what your new bike will be. I just bought a new Honda CRF300L Rally today and road it home. I had to wait about 7 months for it to get to the Honda shop nearest to me and you can guise that I am pretty excited about that. I am equally excited to here your plans for season 6. I hope you can get all the up grades that you need for next season. Best of luck

recumbentman  | 

Hi Noraly, or as I always think Noor, as we heard your mum say, (awwww Noraly’s mum). Well since we know your videos have a small lag, I guess that means you’re out there somewhere! Go the adventuring geologists (also me 😊)!

Lisa.  | 

Hi Noraly,
We loved season 5 as we either lived in or visited the countries you went through. Brings back memories! I was born in Zimbabwe and back then in the 70's rode a BSA 650. No big adventure bikes then!
I had a Yamaha XT500 in Botswana in the early 80's - that was a great bike!
Now ride a RE Himalayan, amongst others, here in Oz.
Have you read Ubuntu by Heather Ellis - her bike trip through Africa?
Looking forward to seeing the new bike and season 6!! Please could you include info on what suspension mods you make, if any. Did you ever modify the suspension on Dhanno or Basanti?
All the best and take care on the road.

anydalp  | 

Missing your weekly videos since you made it back to the Netherlands, however I have been binge watching your older videos for the last couple of weeks. It is amazing all of the beautiful places and people you have visited over the past years while traveling on your motorcycles. Hope you are able to find some countries you can continue your journey on this next year without running into the Covid curse on society. You should start a second YouTube channel and focus on Geology related topics and shoot video of Geology related to the regions you visit each week. You could easily cover some topics that you are familiar with and highlight these along with the same travel video content you make for your Itchy Boots videos. Hope to meet you in person someday, you truly are a gifted person and a free spirit living your dream and sharing it with us meer mortals.

Michael J.  | 

We live in Indianapolis, IN, USA. We are headed to winter, but the bike doesn’t take a rest. Hubby rides year round except for on ice and snow. He has heated everything! He rides a BMW GSA1200 adventure bike. Last winter four riders left when it was 16 degrees! Looking forward to Season 6. We are in serious withdrawal!

Barb Adams  | 

Love that you keep in touch even when you don't have any videos to share. In Canada it is the beginning of a long and cold, motorcycle-free winter. My Vulcan S is away for a few months, but I'm looking forward to accompanying you on your journeys, whenever they will happen. I love my life, but you make it even more special and I thank you!!!! Waiting until you make my life come alive again!

CCh255  | 

First up, congratulations on completing the Kalahari Rally in such fine style - it seems Dutch girls are built tougher then Honda motorcycles! 😉 Covid is sure making things tough to travel. We share something similar - I am trapped in Australia and planning my “escape”. I was caught in New Zealand when Covid hit. Made it back to Australia, but have been caught here since. Looking to ship bike and self to UK come January/February. Options are certainly limited. I am intrigued to see where you go, and what bike you have chosen! Again, something in common - I have a new bike on order. Oh!…and I have a boat in Holland.
Look forward to more of your adventures.
“Failure is… never having tried”


Hello Norally! It will be great to have you back on the road. You are missed. Yes, your travels do give us some peace and quiet and takes us away from the crazy things that happen in the world. The important things are the positive things that happen to us and you are a stellar example of always staying positive. I am from Argentina and have travelled many of the places that you went to. You took a picture of the petrified forest from exactly the same place that I did (but mine was in 1974!). Wishing you all the best. Nadine

Nadine  | 

Hey Noraly, So nice to hear from you and your update that we don't have to wait too long for you to take us on a new adventure. The suspense is going to be killing.... where and on what bike. Another 2 week wait. Yes, the bike has been put away but I guess I will start on my maintenance jobs while I wait. I am guessing you have already started travelling. So safe riding where ever you are and really looking forward to your cheery "Good Morning Internet" .... Let's go. Cheers.

IBFan  | 

I’m not a biker but I have followed all of you adventures. Your content has me paying attention to what you are doing. Sometimes I’m yelling for you get away from the edge. Sani Pass especially. Good luck on your new adventure, I’ll be watching for sure along with several friends that I have. I’m writing from central Florida, USA.

Jim Sippel  | 

Thanks for the update.
After the High/Low Side podcast i was asking myself which bike would get the special Noraly-name. I'm looking forward to your "launch video" S1E1 :) . . . . let's go

locke77  | 

Hi Noraly,
Thanks for the update and keeping all of us informed. As what everyone else has stated, we can't wait for you to get back on the road. What have you got planned for season 6? and your new bike? But what I must say is ride safe

AbdnPete  | 

You have no idea of how much you have been missed.I enjoyed your recent podcast, you have had a haircut!
In the absence of any current videos from you, I' once again with you at the start of Season 2 having just ended Season 1. I', cueious about your new bikem you will have quite a collection now! I know what you mean about being more 'at home' travelling than in the Netherlands,
Now. I have asked you several times before and you have ignored it, PLEASE will you consider wearing a neckbrace? It is for your own safety, you saw in the Rally how many other riders use them
Unfortunately my riding days are over for health reasons and 'advancing years' so I follow you, Kinga, Lea and Pedro mostly. My competitive 'off road' riding was mostly way back in the 1950s during the Cold War which closed off eastern Europe and Asia from the rest of the worls or I would have travelled further,
I can hardly wait to hear from you again with a new bike and a new adventure

Keith201  | 

Hi Noraly,
I am just looking forward to follow you wherever and whenever you decide to go. Sharing your adventures with us is a huge benefit to our souls and our outlook on life. Thank you for your spirit! You are a gem.

Campfire52  | 

Hi Noraly
Missing my tri weekly fix, if and when you come back to South Africa, would you entertain the possibility of a meet and greet at one of the bike shops so the fans this side get a chance to meet you in person. Maybe get to sell a few goodies here. With the exchange rate and import duties it makes things a bit pricy this side. Having said that I received my Africa addition scarf and am very impressed with it. Safe travels and I am waiting in anticipation for my adventure fix.
Kind regards
Ant. Aka Vintage Antony

Vintage Antony  | 

I was waiting for this blog hoping for more news but sadly have to wait a bit more.
I'm also preparing a new bike for new adventures, next is in July and i changed that plan a bit because of you.
Destination is Norway but initially i was not going to North Cape but in the episode you went there more because of not able to go to Finland you didn't want to go there for the same reason i didn't want to go. You where glad you went there anyway so maybe i'm wrong too, only one way to find out.
The new bike is in your book still a heavy bike (Yamaha Ténéré 700) but after adding what i need for the trips it will be about 100kg lighter than my other bike i used for a few long trips.
That caused another change in plans and i also will do a part of the TET Finland on my way from North Cape to St Petersburg.
Until then i hope we can enjoy lot's of movies from your new adventure and do a few little adventures just for fun.
Happy trails!

Ray,  | 

Yay, Itchy Boots mail. New bike, a Rally in the future, looks promising. Will see if it's outfitted with a road book. I hope Ronin got some miles in to keep that on the road home feeling. Hoodie & calendar headed to destination country on the 29 so looking forward for the package along with the start of Season Six.
I also really enjoyed the interview with the HighSide / LowSide guys (from RevZilla I think).
Keeping secrets helps prevent plans from being spoiled.
One thing Noraly, what ever happens, your the one to persevere in the unknown challenges ahead.
Hope transport is fast to you destination and customs is as fast as in Argentina.

Mike - P.  | 

Come to Australia and discover more of the outback you once worked in for a short time.
It is a vast expanse of land with history and beauty that you will make shine.
Most State borders are open now and all will be open by early New Year
Woodstock NSW Australia

Maxpac  | 

Thank you sooooo much for the update. I am looking forward to your next season with great anticipation and having severe withdrawals from not having my Itchy Boots fix. I really enjoyed your recent interview on the podcast.
I am now awaiting the arrival of my Hoodie and new calendar.
Be Well and Best Wishes.
Travel far, travel fast and travel safe!
Larry E.

TxBagman  | 

So looking forward to your new adventure and the mystery bike. So glad your wanderlust is still intact despite the world problems. Can’t wait to hear “Let’s Go”!

Debbie R.  | 

Thanks for your update. Can't wait to see your new bike and hear where your next adventure will be

Karen Jane  | 

Team Itchy
Thanks for the updates. Pulling for your endeavors
Back in 1982 had a chance to assist the BFG San Fillipi Baja 1000 pit crew plus travel around parts of Northern Baja, Mexico. Can't think of a better adventure than traveling down from top to bottom of that fascinating and beautiful land. No borders to be concerned about plus a ferry can take you to mainland Mexico after hitting Cabo San Lucas. The people are so sweet and accommodating plus the weather is nice during the day in winter. Not to mention the traditional food that is crazy good. Something maybe you can consider. I live in Tucson, Arizona USA just north of the Sonora Mexican border.
Best to you


Thanks for the update Noraly. I thoroughly enjoyed your South African tour. Your description of the places, people and local culture is better than google because it is personalized. You have gone to places I will likely never go, so thank you for all you do. Can't wait for your next big reveal.

Drider  | 

hi, I ended up creating a new account because I forgot my password and there is no link to reset password, might be helpful to add a "forgot password" link/option.
Also, the North American continent would be a perfect place to ride out the covid storm. relatively few restrictions and freedom of movement. As long as you are fully vaccinated you can come into the US as well as Canada without any problems as far as I know. The North American continent has enough riding options to keep you busy for years, ride the southern half in the winter and the northern half in the summer.
Good luck figuring out your best options, I'm sure you'll do fine, going by past results.


Bram van der Meij  | 

I wish you the very best for the next season, it's certain that i follow your adventures.
I like that landscapes on your travels.
In my working period i've heard a sentence that i will always remember " there are no problems , only solutions".Sometimes it isn't easy but for every problem there is a solution and that the way i see the live in these horrible times. Live from day to day and go for it.
Looking forward to the next season, and stay healthy.


Luke  | 

Hi Noraly, thanks for keeping us posted. Looking foward to see you again on the tracks ,...

Ronaldo Alzuguir  | 

Hi Nor,
Thanks for the update, I've been getting antsy with ants in my pants on where the next adventure takes you! The suspense is so itchy😄. Come to the US, I'm sure out west you will find a dirt rally! Thanks to your informative geology videos, I'm now researching the geological interest areas in Georgia and Florida. How cool it would be to learn about north America. Also, where I am in Florida you can plan to watch the rockets go to space and maybe even experience that too! But, I will warn you, many rocket scientists are true Trekkie fans. So we won't mention the latest interview even though it was a delightful and funny chat. Anyways, I'm so happy that you have found your home and opening our hearts and minds to the beautiful world we live in. Until we meet, stay safe and enjoy the ride!

Viv  | 

It's wonderful news that you will soon be traveling and exploring the world in your own unique way again soon, Noraly - and bringing so many thousands of us along for the ride. What an amazing life you have created for yourself, as a true adventurer. Best wishes for the season ahead!

Kenno  | 

Hello Itchy Boots,
Thanks for the update!
The United States just opened up to travelers from Europe. Canada border opened between USA and Canada . North America is enormous and you could spend years exploring. There are few if any COVID restrictions in North America. I enjoy your channel and purchased your training. I am located in Northern California in the Sierra Mountain foothills about 60 minutes from Lake Tahoe . The riding here is endless and lots of geology for someone who likes rocks? After all we are 15 minutes from we’re gold was discovered. However I love everything African!
Best regards,

Old cowboy’s moto  | 

Hi Noraly,

Thanks for updating us on your journey.
You’ve inspired me to start riding again - after 18 years!
Looking forward to your adventures and hope you’ll find a nice ‘stretch’ to blog about!
Stay healthy, ride the world!

JSPR73  | 
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