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Packing for Motorcycle Adventuring - The Essentials

15 January 2023

A motorcycle adventure is different for everyone. Camping, no camping, packing light or bringing everything that might come in handy one day. Going for a weekend trip or a round-the-world trip. With different priorities come different needs. 

I've never posted a full list of each and every item that I bring with me because I don't think it's necessary to tell you how many pairs of socks I carry with me or which toiletries! There are however several items that I'll always carry with me and which can be real lifesavers on a long motorcycle trip. 

Now that I am busy packing my things for Season 7 of Itchy Boots adventures, I'm sharing with you four things that you might want to consider when packing for a long motorcycle trip. 

Important papers 

As soon as you leave your country these are very important to have with you. In fact, you might not even be able to cross a single border without them! 

  • Passport (with plenty of empty pages and valid for at least 6 more months)
  • Motorcycle title (and plenty of hard copies)
  • Driver’s license (and plenty of hard copies)
  • International Driving Permit* 
  • Carnet-de-Passage**

* I always carry an International Driving Permit with me. It's very easy and cheap to get in the Netherlands, so I just always do it. In all my travels I've only been asked for it once, in Thailand. However, it could also be helpful in an emergency or with regards to insurance in case of an accident. How easy or how hard it is to get an International Driving Permit differs per country - but if you can get it, do it. 

** A Carnet-de-Passage is only necessary when you are traveling through certain countries, like Pakistan, India, and many African countries. You can read more about whether you need a Carnet-de-Passage here

With these papers in order, you should be able to cross borders with your motorcycle! 

Crossing into Canada Crossing into Canada

Flat tyre repair kit 

It's not a matter of if, but when. You will get a flat tyre at some point (and if not, you are very lucky!) Especially if you enjoy venturing off the main roads, it's important that you can fix a flat tyre by yourself. So bring a repair kit! 

Bring a tubeless repair kit if you run tubeless tyres, a spare tube if you run tubes. A couple of spanners to lift your tyre off and an air pump to get air back into your tyres are all very valuable pieces of equipment to bring with you.

Important motorcycle spares

There is not one list of motorcycle spares that everyone should bring with them. It all depends on the motorcycle that you are riding. But there are a few consumables which will wear or need regular replacement on any bike on any adventure.

I always carry an air filter, oil filters and spark plug for example. Any part that is small and light to carry is good to bring along. Sprockets and a chain can be extremely valuable to have if you are riding in remote parts of the world where there are no motorcycle shops. A chain is pretty heavy though - so if you are trying to travel light this is a big consideration. 

Before you set off on your motorcycle adventure think about where you will be going. Do those countries have motorcycle shops with parts for your bike? If the answer is no: look in the maintenance manual of your bike and check if any parts mentioned there need to be replaced at certain mileages. If that's the case, you can bring those along with you. 

Motorcycle shop in Mexico Motorcycle shop in Mexico

Filming equipment spares 

Since I am filming my motorcycle adventures I always have to think about my filming kit too. In general, I carry spares of almost everything. GoPro Media Mods break all the time so I carry two spares of them. 

I carry spare external microphones and all sorts of mounts. Just keep in mind that everything that can break, will break. This type of specific equipment is very hard to find while on the road (mostly even impossible) - so if you can, bring spares with you. 

Just keep in mind that you don't have to worry about forgetting to bring toothpaste. You can buy things like basic toiletries in every country. Anything more specific than that bring with you, and if possible, extras! 


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I have still another place Noraly could be: Israel, Egypt, Lebanon and surrounding areas. In a previous video she said she needed a larger gas tank because gas may not be easily available. This could mean Egypt and Israel.

Jimmy Rosen  | 

Packing light is truly an art form. Everytime I set out to go lighter, the results are disappointing! Things always find their way into my bags! I know, I need more discipline! One thing I have found very useful is an assortment of extra cargo securement devices such as Rok Straps and cargo netting. Aside from the obvious use as replacements for failed gear, they can be very handy for helping with problems such as crash damage or any number of situations. As always, all the best where ever you may go!

justplainbill  | 

Everyone is wanting to know where Noraly is for 2023. So, let's use logic to try to figure it out!
Firstly, she has been to these places:
Middle East, Europe, part of Africa, South, Central and North America.

She stated on Facebook in January that she is not going to Australia, as she once lived there. She further stated that she is going somewhere where she doesn't speak the language, so New Zealand is out. China was an option, but due to COVID, it has been closed to the outside world (just reopened a couple of weeks ago). So, China is not an option.
The place she went is separated from Alaska by ocean, and it took a month for the bike to travel via sea, so it's far away from Alaska. This leaves Southeast Asia. Possible places are: Japan, Vietnam and Cambodia. New Guinea would be difficult to ride in, due to a lack of roads.

Using logic, my best guess is JAPAN! What a season this will be! Noraly, you are the all time greatest Youtuber that has ever lived!!! We LOVE you!!

Jimmy Rosen  | 

Ms. Noraly,
My neighbor a woman very much like you introduced me to your adventures. I have been riding for 40 years and I love watching you on your adventures. Stay safe and enjoy yourself.
Cheers, Tom B.

K1200RS  | 

Ms. Noraly,
Thank you so much for offering us a "hitch a ride" with you and an experience that is really wonderfully done. You have class and smarts and see the world in many ways we wish we could (obviously). Great to be alongside and sure can't wait to set out again, but a rest is good for the soul till those boots get itchy
Love always, Pete

Harley Pete  | 

Hi Noraly,
I also ride alone most of the time and one thing that I will not leave home without is my little aluminium travel stand to lift either front or rear wheel whilst changing or repairing a tire. Its light and beats laying the bike down and lifting it again.
I love your spirit lifting adventure work! Hoping that me might see you in the great southern land sometime soon.
Kind regards,

Stu Ferrier  | 

Thanks for that border crossing stuff. It reminds me of why I'm content to stay in the US, less hassles and time drainage.
For tire problems, I'll just pull out my AAA or Harley membership info and call for that free tow. I should get something for all the fees I pay. The critical thing I carry on long trips is extra light bulbs, usually, and a gps emergency locator. Also, because I take a lot of pictures, extra cards and batteries. If you are still around, come on down to S Cal. email me for some hiking.

Skip52  | 

While it's off your list of offerings, a few of us would love to know of the brands of cosmetics you use that endure the high speeds, watering eyes, rain and mud. Lots of other girl questions, but grateful for your grace and pluck. Ride on!

Be ME.  | 

Hi Noraly,
It's great to hear from you! After Season 6 it seems funny not seeing your videos for a couple of weeks.
Hope Alaska is doing OK. She is probably dreaming of getting off that boat and running free in the mountains with you! :)
I live in the US, but on the east coast. Otherwise, I would offer to go riding or sightseeing with you while you waited. That would be my dream. :)
Love you,

Jeff Roberts  | 

Noraly- I am a patreon of Eva Zu Beck. At a question and answer session she put on, someone asked if she knew you. She mentioned the two of you spent a couple of days together in the past. She went on to say you were "GREAT!" It is always an honor when others speak well of you!

WayneT  | 
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