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My upgraded Honda CRF300L Rally 2.0

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1 January 2023

After 43.000 kilometers of abuse to my little single-cylinder Honda CRF300L Rally, it was time for some maintenance. I had fallen in love with this motorcycle so much that I wanted to continue riding it around the world. Since the bike had to come pretty much entirely apart to change the worn countershaft, I figured this would be a good time to give the bike some upgrades. In fact, it would be now or never, because taking on a project like this while on the road would be impossible. 

So besides the normal wear and tear that could have been expected at this point in time, I did all the upgrades I thought were worth doing. In this blogpost I will list all the upgrades that I made to the bike in Alaska. Most parts, including all the Honda parts, I purchased myself. A few aftermarket products were given to me for free. To stay transparent, I'll mention the parts that were given to me for free.

Taller Windshield & Radiator Guard

SRC Moto makes all sorts of aftermarket parts and they supported me in the past with parts too. This time was no different and they supplied me with two parts for free: a taller windshield and a radiator guard

My length in combination with the bike setup results in some wind buffeting and that's why I wanted to try riding with a taller windshield to hopefully improve riding comfort for me. They only had a 'smoke' colored windshield left in stock, so that's the one that I received. 

Additionally, they also sent me a proper radiator guard, to replace the stock, plastic one. This is one of those mods I should have done ages ago, so I'm glad I've got that sorted now! 

Rear Sprocket 

Another company that helped me with some free parts, was Dirt Tricks. They sent me a chrome rear sprocket, which is 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel and should last much longer too.

Finding sprockets while on the road has proven very difficult in Central America so that's why I am hoping I don't have to search too much for them with this sprocket! 

Camel ADV Tank

My next adventures will be in a part of the world where I might have to cover long distances without petrol stations and that's why I thought it was time to expand my fuel capacity.

Camel ADV sent me this 5 liter camel tank, which mounts perfectly on the side of the bike, right underneath my luggage system

All the aftermarket parts listed from here on, I purchased myself and were not sponsored. 

Arrow Exhaust 

The first thing I bought was a different exhaust. My four (!) reasons for doing so: saving weight, lower running temperatures, better sound, and better look.

I bought the Arrow exhaust on, but I can't link to it as the exhaust is no longer available. 


Even though the stock seat of the Honda CRF300L Rally is much, much better than what I was used to on the RE Himalayan. I decided I could do even better.

I always had heard good things about Seat Concepts, so I thought it was time to put them to the test. I bought a Comfort Seat from them, which I picked up in Idaho as they don't ship to Alaska unfortunately.


One of the main upgrades to the bike was a different handlebar. I didn't like the stock handlebar very much because it comes with a little bar in the middle, making it hard to mount cameras on the handlebar. The thickness and strength of the stock handlebar is also a little questionable.

I also added handlebar risers to get to the perfect height of the bar and improve my posture when I'm standing on the pegs. 

I bought a Pro Taper Evo Bar Adventure (part number 024026). 

Doubletake Mirrors

In Season 6, it turned out I was very talented in the subtle art of breaking motorcycle mirrors. In El Salvador, I managed to break the 'unbreakable' doubletake mirror.

Since I couldn't replace that mirror while on the road, I replaced it with 'normal' motorcycle mirrors, and I managed to break two more of those!

Ultimately, the doubletake mirrors should be superior (even though I also broke one of those) and that's why I decided to get a pair of these again for Season 7! 

Sheepskin Seat Cover 

When I started riding to Prudhoe Bay from Anchorage, I borrowed an Alaska Leather sheepskin cover for my seat from Bill. I'd never had such a seat cover, but I very much liked the look (and feel!) of it. I figured it would make a great souvenir from Alaska to buy one for myself, and that's exactly what I did! 

Barkbusters Hand Guards 

Hand guards somehow get abused and battered a lot on my motorcycles (I wonder why!). I've gone through a couple of them on my way to Alaska and it was time to replace them again for Season 7.

Bill ordered some Barkbusters for me, and I'm not quite sure which type they are exactly, but they have aluminum bars in them (I never go for just plastic, way too weak). I am just hoping that these ones will last a fair bit going into Season 7. 

And that's it. These were all the aftermarket parts that I've added to my trusty Alaska. I can't wait for the new adventures to begin! 


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Hello, what is your navigation equipment? What type of maps are installed? Thanks for your reply - I live in Tunisia :)

yak kay  | 

Many thanks for the idea, the seat is ordered!
By e-mail, "seatconcepts" replied that the interest has greatly increased thanks to you 😉..well, haggling didn't work out, but it's nice to pay for something good. Brought here to Northern Europe, Finland, the price will add almost €200 (delivery & customs). The point is the Honda cb500x, a slightly higher and incredibly high-quality seat.

M i k k o  | 

What are you using for your new GPS?

MUDD  | 

Hi Noraly, I hope all goes well on this next adventure, I wonder if there is a Rally coming up that you could partake in while on your trip through Africa.

Davidjeng  | 

Welcome back Noraly. I'm looking forward to the new adventure. Like Ademir (in a previous comment) I'll be interested to see how the change to a tablet works out. It looks like one of Xenarc or maybe Tripltek's rugged tablets. I'm guessing the tablet will offer a lot more useability aside from just navigation. Other than having to also carry the Garmin inReach it seems like a good plan. Keep us posted on what you think of the new set up. Can't wait to see where this new adventure takes you. Good luck & safe travels!

Camillo  | 

Hi Noraly,
It's good to know that you're back on the road and that you've chosen a huge challenge like África.
Good to start in Marroco and I hope can enjoy it as much as you do on this walk through that great continent...
Good luck and live it INTENSILY...
Take care of yourself!!!!!!!

Miguel MAK  | 

Hi Noraly

Can you give details about your big new system navigation adopted for the new Marroco season?
Have a nice new season.

Ademir Goulart

Ademir Goulart  | 

Hi Noraly,

What good news you have given in your mail... Now your new adventure really begins, and once again dedicated to what you do best in your job, traveling with your best friend.. THE MOTORCYCLE!
My expectation to see your first video is great and to know what your total journal will be and with what new images you wil surprise us!
Good luck, be very careful and enjoiy it!!!


Miguel MAK  | 

Can’t wait for your new route. Be safe

Grisley  | 

It's getting more thrilling by the day where you are heading next. Western civilized countries are ruled out, regions where winter is ruling now probably as well, China would qualify but is not open for tourists and of course regions you already visited are out too. So there is not really that much left.

So my best guess now is Saudi Arabia doing some exercise for the next Dakar or Trans Africa but you are always good for a surprise.

Thomas_57  | 
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