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10 Questions to Marc Travels

1 November 2022

1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm Marc, 33 years old and based in Berlin at the moment. I've been a freelance musician all my life and have been touring around the world with several different bands until 3 years ago. Covid hit us and all tours and shows were cancelled. That's when I got into filming and traveling by motorcycle. I grew up with dirt bikes and mopeds but bought my first “real” motorcycle (the good old Honda Dominator ) 4 years ago and started doing long trips right away. I started watching travelers on YouTube just like you (I think you're the first channel I started watching) and got hooked immediately. I bought my first action camera 3 years ago and started my YouTubechannel soon after. Couldn't stop doing it and here I am, in Scotland on EVE, my new electric motorcycle.

2. What made you decide to travel on an electric motorcycle? 

Well, one of the reasons I'm doing any of this is watching the Long Way Round with Ewan and Charlie over and over when I was basically a teenager. I always wanted to be like them. To me, they were the coolest guys in the world. So, in 2019 they filmed their Long Way Up on electric bikes and it blew my mind. I knew from the first second I saw it, I am going to do this one day. Here I am now, plugging in.⚡ 

3. Why did you choose the Zero Motorcycle SR/F? 

To be honest, when I came back from my Scandinavia journey on the Honda I knew it was now or never. I started contacting every electric motorcycle company there is but nobody was really interested in my idea of going around the world on an electric bike. I couldn’t afford a new one ‘cause they are just ridiculously expensive. I found EVE on eBay marketplace, 10.000km with a built-in extra quick charger for a fair price in Bavaria and I bought it the same day. I would have bought an Energica or Livewire if I would have seen a good deal or if it would have been available. To me, they are all on the same level. I test-drove a Zero ds for an hour a few weeks before but that was about all the experience I had in advance. This UK trip is mainly to get to know the bike, what it can do and what are the limits. She’s doing alright so far.

4. I believe you are the first person to document what it is like to travel Europe on an electric motorcycle. What is the response from the public?

People are afraid of charging time but I gotta say, I spend more time talking to random people about the bike than charging. Nobody out on the road has seen anything like it before and they’re all very curious and super positive about it. So are most of my audience on YouTube, even though they miss the old Honda a lot. (She’ll be back on screen one day, I promise). Sure, there are also many critics and they are watching my every move now. I try my best to make it clear in the videos that I’m not here to sell anything to anybody or promote this brand or save the world. It’s just a personal decision I made because I know it’s the right thing for me and what I do. So far I’m happy and it fits my workflow and the way I travel very well. I love it. 

5. Would you say Europe is ready to be explored by an electric motorcycle? 

Europe, especially Western Europe is long ready for this. I knew that before; this is why I chose to do my first leg of a world journey here in the UK. I’m not saying it is easy or convenient, it’s not! It’s still complicated to charge at charging stations and the system needs to be improved but it is absolutely possible, chargers are everywhere so far. And the worst case, I plug in at the next restaurant. No big deal.

6. What for you is the biggest difference between riding the Honda Dominator and riding the Zero Motorcycle SR/F? 

It’s a whole different experience. Going from super loud single cylinder…to hearing the birds while riding through the woods, from numb hands because of vibration…to buttery smooth. From a whole pannier full of tools and spare parts…to now basically nothing, from high maintenance old-timer…to I don’t even need to think about brakes for 20.000km. Also, very important for filming and stuff: no gearbox or clutch. It’s a different world, and I’m never gonna buy an ICE bike ever again. Probably ;) 

7. You are now traveling Europe on a motorcycle, do you have plans to venture on more adventures outside of Europe? 

Yes! I will be taking EVE around the world. That’s the plan. 

8. What made you decide to try and make a living on YouTube making motorcycle travel videos? 

I started filming my first trips and journeys on the Honda and realized after my first Europe trip, this is something I could see myself doing for a while. I’m used to this sort of lifestyle anyways, traveling was always a big part of my musical career. I also really like pushing myself, learning new skills and for the last 2 years I’m obsessed with YouTube. Making videos, trying to get better at filming, faster in editing, reaching more people and meanwhile staying independent as a freelancer like I always have been, doing what I enjoy most. Right now, I enjoy traveling on my electric bike a lot! YouTube makes it possible for me to just go out and do my thing.

9. I have heard that you edit your videos on your iPhone, and as a fellow video creator, I feel I need my laptop. What tips can you give aspiring motorcycle vloggers? 

Yes, my first journey I did on an iPhone, I switched to an iPad when I went to Iceland. To me, it’s the fastest way to edit my videos. Plus, I can edit a whole video on 1 single charge. It’s super light, doesn’t crash, it’s basically indestructible (compared to fragile laptops) and to be honest, I rarely use my MacBook Pro for anything anymore…I’m gonna sell it for sure. But all this doesn’t really matter as you know best probably. A good story is all that matters and how to tell it. That’s what I’m working on the hardest, to tell a good story every day about my day. The story is king as they say in filmmaking. It’s not super hard, all you need is a beginning, a middle part and an ending and you’ve got yourself a good video. That and just being yourself on YouTube can get you very far I think, even if you just have an iPhone or one helmet camera. But what do I know, I’m in the YouTube business for 5 minutes and I just hope I can do this for a while. 

10. You produce very high-quality content on YouTube that I am sure everybody would like to see. Where can we find you? 

Thank you so much, you’ve been a big inspiration to me and many other people worldwide! I’ll be trying my best to keep doing what I do and hopefully, end up on the other side of the world at some point with my electric motorcycle EVE.


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I have been following Marc and his Kiwi Girlfriend Marie. She is really funny and is a great addition to his Vlogs. Would like to meet them when they arrive down under.

KiwiJim  | 

in life there is the theory and Practise.....!! the Dommie any day.... vibrations....??? your heart beats
doesnt it...?
Electric bikes are coming no doubt....boring as...sadly...!

Russell  | 

Hi Noraly,

If you want and or have desire to stay in the US a bit longer you could check out the BDR (Back Country Discovery routes for Adventure Motorcycling): I'll try/suggest anything to keep you riding because I LOVE following your adventure SOOOOOO much:). Stay safe and keep adventuring:). I always am looking forward to your next episode!

Mize  | 

Hi Noraly,
Congratulations on the success of Season 6! A truly epic journey and so much fun to watch. :)
I think my favorite places were Mexico and Alaska, but I really like everything you do. I'm looking forward to a season 7! :)
Lots of love to you always Noraly and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.
PS: Please give my love and congratulations to Alaska as well. :)

Jeff Roberts  | 

Tow of you are champions!!thanks

Eliko  | 

Hello Noraly,
Thank you for the interview with Marc. I watched some video with his electric motorcycle, I think it will interest me.

FlaTwin  | 

It's a pleasure!

Noraly  | 

An EV bike for long distance, no thanks.

Skip52  | 

Thank for sharing your interview with Marc with us all. I have not heard of him so I will check out his channel. I am not sure if electric motorcycles will become the norm but I am definitely interested in them and how well they will work for long distance travel. The Idea of not having to carry a bunch of tools is very appealing.

recumbentman  | 

I'm glad that you enjoyed the interview:)

Noraly  | 

Noraly, I also follow Marc, very interesting young man. I am sure he has learned from you. I have followed all of your videos over the years. I went back and watched your first ones again. I must say you have matured into quite the documentarian. Someday you will have a movie. Many of your videos are better than some documentaries that I watch. Both in scenery and the educational aspect. As I watch the ones in Alaska I wonder how many days may pass from the actual ride to the time I see it uploaded. I ask because the weather I see in your videos seems so much better than what I see on a weather report. Keep up the great work, you are an awesome individual . Pfetter

Pfetter  | 

Hi Noraly ! Thanks for inviting Mark Travels on you blog, so that we can have an idea of what it is travelling on a e-motorbike... Just looked at one episode (first step in GB). I sure will go to some others. Mark video seems well made, not too much snoozing talk, indications on the go, and good technical views. By the way, I apologize calling you by your first name, but as many of your followers (I suppose) I have the feeling of talking to a friend, in spite of the fact I never seen you face to face, and for you I am just one out of 1.5 million people (!!!) who click on "Thumb Up". I hope you are used to this. I suppose your Alaska trip is over by this time. Maybe you stayed some more time or are already back home or elsewhere, we haven't to know. Wish you nice trips, dust roads, some friends to share some time before you set for a new destination (and I really wonder which and where... We'll know when it"s time for you to anounce it). Stay safe, ride your bike, live high !

GF12  | 

You are welcome to call me by my first name:)

Noraly  | 
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