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Saloum Delta

Ride with me through the Saloum Delta in Senegal

The Ride

In this 360 degree experience I am riding from the small village of Niodior to Dionewar and it's a ride full of surprises. I pick up a hitchhiker while crossing the bridge in between the villages and get stuck behind a horse cart. I really wish my French was better so I could have talked more, but we made it work! Once it got very sandy, I had to drop off my passenger so I could battle the sand. Once I got to Dionewar, I asked some ladies if I could buy some water. Instead of selling me water, they insisted they gave it to me for free. They just wouldn't accept my money! Once I realized they had a school there, I told them I wanted to make a donation to the school and then they happily accepted my donation. The local people here were just some of the kindest I have met! 

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