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Angola border

Ride with me along the Namibian side of the border with Angola

The Ride

In this experience I am taking you for a ride alongside the border of Namibia and Angola.

The Kunene river forms the natural border and at the small town of Epupa, the river smashes down in the Epupa Falls. Riding alongside the river, lined with palm trees and filled with crocodiles, was an incredible experience. This is also the part of Namibia where most of the Himba tribal people live. I passed one small Himba boy, but unfortunately, my Himba is very limited so I couldn't communicate very well with him. They mostly herd their goats here, as goats are the currency for these people. One goat will buy you 10 kilogrammes of maize meal, I learned later!

This route also gives a nice view over the mountains of neighbouring Angola, so don't forget to look for those in this experience! 

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