Welcome to my website! Enjoy and have a great ride....


Ride with me through a crazy stretch of jungle in Cameroon

The Ride

Welcome to the route Loum - Yabassi, which turned out to be a crazy stretch of jungle! But, as you can see, I meet many, many locals that plough this route on their motorbikes, because it's the only road connecting these villages and towns.. But months of rain have turned the jungle tracks into deep mud pools and in a silly, silly way, I lose my momentum for a second - I try to put my foot down, but there is a deep rut so what happens.. yes, you guessed it, there I went. But standing half in the rut filled with water, it's not so easy to lift up a motorcycle from the slippery mud. My strategy, keep trying, until a local passes! I had seen so many locals on this stretch that I knew it was only a matter of time before someone would pass. And here in Cameroon, nobody will leave you stranded.

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