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Stories from the road

From my first off-road experiences with a rental bike to my investigation of the Dutch Motorcycle scene, you can read it all here. 


crossing Darien Gap - most difficult border crossing ever

on the ODO: 5000 km - my new Honda is not so new anymore!

Is it a bad time to travel through Ecuador?

New bike of choice for season 6

My experience as motorcycle traveler during the COVID-19 crisis

On the ODO: 20.000 km - When the world stopped spinning

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Itchy Boots Miniseries

For binge-reading or a deep dive in a specific topic

First time traveling with bike

Travels with Basanti

Travels with Dhanno

Motorcycling in Argentina

Travels with Ronin

Motorcycling in The Netherlands

Travels with Savannah

Travels with Alaska