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Get a taste of what the Motorcycle Vlogging Advanced course is all about.

Motorcycle Vlogging Advanced

Advanced 4 weeks

Take your videomaking skills to the next level and get all of my insider tips on how-to-Youtube!

What you will learn

Advanced filmmaking and editing techniques
How to start your own YouTube channel
Analysing, monetising and building your YouTube channel
My top secrets to become successful on YouTube

Welcome to Motorcycle Vlogging Advanced

When I started my YouTube channel, I never thought that one day I would have so many subscribers.

What a journey it has been! During that time, I learned a lot about what worked on YouTube, and what didn’t. For sure, I have come to understand better how the YouTube algorithm works. 

But without good content, it is difficult to become successful on YouTube. So in this course, I will not only share my insider knowledge with you about YouTube but also give some advanced input on how to improve your video making. That combined will make it easier for you to chase your dream of becoming a filmmaker too!

This advanced course is only accessible for those who have completed Motorcycle Vlogging 101. 

Course syllabus

This course consists of 4 Units. Each unit has several instruction videos, a summarising text, and at the end of each Unit you will receive a challenge. So prepare yourself to do your homework!

Good luck and I’ll see you on YouTube!

  • Introduction
  • UNIT 1: Videomaking 2.0
    1. Intro to Advanced Video Making
    2. Advanced Storytelling
    3. Advanced Filming 
    4. Advanced Editing 
    5. Challenge unit 1
  • UNIT 2: Start with YouTube
    1. Starting a YouTube channel
    2. Uploading on YouTube
    3. How to use playlists and why use them?
    4. How to schedule videos and why do so? 
    5. Subtitles and why use them?
    6. Challenge unit 2
  • UNIT 3: Success on YouTube
    1. Finding your niche on YouTube
    2. Your upload regime
    3. Building your community 
    4. How to make a viral video?
    5. YouTube Analytics
    6. Monetising your YouTube channel
    7. Other ways of earning revenue with YouTube
    8. Challenge Unit 3
  • UNIT 4: Itchy Boots' secrets
    1. Deciphering the YouTube Algorithm
    2. Using Social Media
    3. General tips
    4. Final Advice
  • UPDATE 2022
    1. Insta360 camera
    1.Review Insta360 camera

This advanced course offers 1.45 hours of information-dense instruction videos, plus: 

  • BONUS VIDEO: a 50-minute group discussion about how it is like to be a YouTuber, featuring TheMissendenFlyer and Schaaf

When you have completed all the lessons, you will receive an Itchy Boots certificate in your e-mailbox.


Will the course be updated?
Yes, I will add new information to the course about twice a year. For instance, when there are big changes in how YouTube studio works or when I start using other advanced filming techniques. Once you’ve bought the course, you will keep access to it for life and receive a notification when new information is added to the course!

I don't have a lot of time, is this course for me?
You can do this course in your own pace! So if you want to take it slow, you can take it slow. When you have plenty of time, you can go through the instruction materials faster. In order to make the most of the content given, I recommend one unit per week, so you have time to apply the information given. 

I am not very technical. Will I understand the material?
You can pause the instruction videos as many times as you like, or rewatch them as often you want to! Additionally, there is a summarizing text for you to read, which will make it easier to understand the videos too!

I’ve paid for the course, but I’ve changed my mind. Can I get my money back?
Make sure you are fully committed to entering this course before you make a payment. After you’ve bought the course and access has been giving to the materials, it’s no longer possible to issue a refund.

Can I take the course on a mobile device?
Yes, the course can be followed on all devices. I recommend to follow the course on a desktop or laptop though as you can then watch the instruction videos on a larger screen. 

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